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  1. My case was approve on 19th August 2019 And up til today NVC Has not receive the document My wife (Who is a US Citizen) Cries Everyday and it gives me great concern because i hardly get 5 hours of sleep because i have to make her happy. Please i need help because i am really lossing weight due to adequate rest.
  2. Dont you think if you update or have a TIMELINE it could help others who need help just the way you need help now???? Just an opinion though.. No anger please
  3. In my opinion I will advise you check your case on USCIS website because the APP is not working As for my case the app still says Case receive while on USCIS site it was Approved since on 20th of August 2019 I will advise you create a USCIS account and check your case directly on the website. Thanks
  4. Good morning all My case was approved...but my case is still showing Approved on USCIS WEBSITE and the APP still says CASE WAS RECEIVED pd January 9th 2019 NoA 1 was January 11th 2019 NOA 2 was 19th August 2019 TODAY MAKES IT 20 DAYS AFTER APPROVAL AND YET MY CASE STATUS ON USCIS NEVER CHANGE FROM APPROVES TO SENDING DOCUME T TO DEPARTMENT OF STATE... I NEEd an Advice
  5. The apl i meant but do not worry i have seen it as approve on USCIS website
  6. When i checked my case through the The case tracker The case tracker has a place where it says check online Thats the place or do you know any place i can check it? Kindly share the link please
  7. The site still show case receive after i have been approved
  8. My wife got our approval notice today Pd 9th january 2019 NOA1 11TH JANUARY 2019 NOA2 19TH AUGUST 2019 NIGERIAN........I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST
  9. I am January 9 Nothing yet Please USCIS I am frustrated Please the distance is nor easy
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