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  1. So...if I understand correctly, the reason people were able to enter Mexico is because it was essential travel basically. Has anyone looked into seeing if they could enter another country? I was looking into Canada and found that they listed "transiting through Canada for essential travel" as essential. Does that mean that this could work in Canada too?
  2. Ugh. I just want some sort of hope that this whole process hasn't gone to waste along with like $2500.....
  3. Reading through this thread, it is discussed that a k-1 Visa is considered family/relative. Using that logic he should be exempted from the 14 days in a schengen zone EO....
  4. The travel ban was supposed to be for 30 days? Did they extend it?
  5. Is this from the Immigration ban or the travel ban?
  6. My fiancé received his K-1 Visa about two weeks before the lockdowns and travel bans all started. He was organizing some moving details and wrapping things up to get ready to come. First was the Schengen travel ban (he's in France) and the immigration ban. Since he has his visa - is he allowed to come into the country now? Has anyone had their fiancé arrive during this time? We're just worried he may have issues or get quarantined. Thank you!
  7. Also nothing has been officially signed or stated. I’m wondering if visas count? To be determined. There are plenty of people still in Europe with the right to return to the us
  8. My fiancé came to visit for the month of May. He flew into Minneapolis and had no issues. He had his itinerary printed (its delta so it was in English). He’s self employed but he was ready to say he had to go back because he had work scheduled. The agent only asked him why he was visiting (he said visiting his girlfriend) and when he was returning home. Otherwise, no issues!
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