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  1. It took them this long to say this??! You probably didn’t submit a biometric one cos we had to do that as well.
  2. My hubby picked up his passport this morning 😊. @Mzkay I guess you got yours too. @Tish_Ghana is yours issued now? I hope so 🙏
  3. Awesome @Mzkay! Hopefully the pick up message comes really soon. I just checked and it’s now mine Issued! 😁😁
  4. When did you get your social security card? Do you need both SSN & green card delivered before u can search for jobs? The green card fees are also paid online right?
  5. @Mrs Oduro @Tish_Ghana @Mzkay are there any other ways to reach out for a detailed status? It’s been more than 10 biz days as they state it would take to complete processing on the sheet provided. There’s no direct contact to the embassy. This is frustrating.
  6. At this point they definitely want to beat Google at most visited website.. Sorry for the dry humor, m’abrɛ
  7. A 3 week and 2 month visits. He was a graduate student. The officer didn’t ask to see the actual proof of being a student though but had it just in case. Officer believed him when he said it. Confidence is key, don’t look nervous otherwise they get suspicious.
  8. Yep! My husband has a tourist visa and visited me twice. First time was before we applied and second was after NOA2 approval. He’s now been approved and we’re ‘impatiently’ waiting for his CR1 visa to get issued. At airport immigration please ensure you have all docs/evidence (like school, employment, etc) that demonstrates he’ll go back to his country. And if you have your NOA1/NOA2 approval, show that too. Hope this helps...
  9. I have the same timeline. Interview was Oct. 31st and approved. But I had to obtain a biometric birth cert instead (I’m still mad they don’t indicate “biometric” on their website!). Resubmitted that on Nov. 8th. Last update was Nov. 18th in AP state. The wait saga continues.....
  10. Congratulations on your recent approval.

    All the best moving forward.

  11. The police certificate must be issued within a year from interview date..
  12. I just got interview letter scheduled for Oct 31! 🥳🙏 CC: Aug 7 CR-1
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