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  1. Thanks so much for letting me. I can finally relax and plan ahead🙏🏽
  2. Perfect….definitely going for the 2 days stay 😅
  3. Okay thanks. I’ll not let it expire. Thank you so much!! Means a lot to me. I was really panicking
  4. My exam was done in October 2021. I think on the 13th. okay so I can leave after just a week or few days?
  5. Hello everyone I’m in a unpleasant situation rn and I need help as to how I’ll resolve this issue. my visa was issued on the 18th March but it expires next month. Is that normal????? i need help because I’m currently in school and will be finishing in July so the plan was I’ll leave for the US once I’m done-which will be either in July /August. school is in session now and I cannot leave midway through this sem as I’ll be writing my exams next month. Any help? Should I contact the Embassy to inquire why this has happneed? Thanks…
  6. That’s good news. Please how did you reschedule your interview ?
  7. Hi Everyone, I’m back once again seeking an explanation as to how my older sister’s 1R-2 visa changed to F11 visa class. Our father petitioned for us in 2017, when we were both 20 and 17 respectively. Our case was created in 2019 and then completed the NVC stage in 2020. Our interview date was scheduled for November 2021, however, my sister sent an email asking for a cancellation and rescheduling of her interview because she’s out of the country atm on a student visa in a different country. I just checked on NVC and noticed that my sister’s visa class has changed from 1R-2 to F11. She’s 24 now and I’m 21 now. And mine is still 1R-2 can anyone please help me understand what exactly is going on? I believe we are both protected by CSPA tbanks
  8. Hi Everyone, Please I need someone to confirm whether I have to bring the I-184 form AOS on the day of interview together with the Tax Return or just bring the Tax Return ? Will the Tax Return be enough? Thanks….,
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