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  1. neel06

    Are bank statments needed

    Thank you all for the clarification.
  2. neel06

    Are bank statments needed

    Thank you. Appreciate your feedback
  3. neel06

    Are bank statments needed

    She has her home, farmland, 2 other children. However, we were taking care of her expenses so thus we considered the 1-134
  4. neel06

    Are bank statments needed

    We are sponsering her through 1-134. My husband income is above the 125 percent income- so i asked will the bank statements be needed if income alone is sufficient?
  5. neel06

    Are bank statments needed

    Applying for my mother in law to visit for few weeks. My husband’s income is enough. Will he still need to show our bank account?
  6. i am asking this for my friend. she is a usa citizen and her father is elderly and has been visiting her yearly on a tourist visa. she decided to do I-130 and aos as she wants him to live with her permanently. I-130 got approved and he got his finger prints done too- they had to be done two times. anyhow, he is getting close to 6 month stay and according to his tourist visa he has to return. what happens now? can he get an extension stay while his case is pending? if he leaves will he have to return as soon as his interview is scheduled? please advise?