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  1. cresh_20 - Are your parents in the US? I thought they were out of the country per your post earlier. AOS (Adjustment of Status) is for those that are in the US. Anyway, make sure you verify what steps to take prior to filing so that the file does not get delayed.
  2. Looks like you got lucky with the electronic processing and got a receipt with IOE number. Call USCIS with the message you are getting to make sure all is well with your case.
  3. Yes - I just logged in to my USCIS site and checked and it shows we can file a i-130 online now. Good bye paper based i-130 filing
  4. It all depends on the Service Center your case is sent to. The processing time at different Service Centers are different and it is a lucky draw on where it lands. I have seen cases from may 2019 approved from Texas Service Center and folks from Nebraska Service Center waiting almost a year.
  5. Love My Life and cresh_20 - Congrats to both of you. Texas Service Center got your approval in less than 6 months!! Good luck on the next steps and please document it here so we know what is upcoming for us.
  6. cresh_20 - You got lucky or your parents case might be at Potomac Service Center as the USCIS website for Processing shows the following - Which Service Center was your parents? As of now Per https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ Nebraska/CA - 12 Months to 15.5 Months Potomac - 7 Months to 9 Months Texas - 8.5 Months to 11 Months VT - 11.5 Months to 15 Months
  7. That is good to hear cresh_20 Did you file for Adjustment of Status (i-485) for your parents? It is good to see an approval in 5 months. I was thinking it takes about a year to get i-130 approved. What Service Center was your parents case at? For next steps, I haven't gone to that stage but I heard that we need to get the documents like birth certificate, tax returns, W2 ready with scanned copy and we upload it on some website.
  8. Mine is also at Nebraska and showing no update - Just case received in May 2019 information. I think the Processing time on USCIS website shows about a year plus of wait so looks like we are in for a long wait. Hopefully, things move faster for our processing.
  9. My father's birth certificate wasn't available so we got it done by going to the government office in the area he was born in. A lawyer will be able to help. There might be documents that are needed to prove the birth in that area. My father gave his school leaving certificate and other proof and he got his birth certificate. For marriage certificate, we used affidavit from relatives that were present for the wedding and submitted it. The closer the relative the better it is. Also look at the USCIS website for details for Indian citizen (reciprocity and civil document for India) https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/India.html
  10. Yes - I did receive the I-797C Receipt from USCIS with Receipt number
  11. Actually, in regards with taking nothing along with you in consulate - my sister went for her visitor visa interview and told me there are police vans that come and provide the locker facility outside of the consulate for reasonable (Rs 15 or so) cost. I am not sure if it was specific for that day or is that the norm now. Congrats on getting her IR5 approved.
  12. I think our part is to take action from our side. Don't worry about what they might do. Also, I think once we file - USCIS will mostly process it. If we are eligible to file and want to file - file it and hope for the best. My siblings file reached in May 2019 ending and I got the notice from USCIS so I did my part. Now, whatever happens, will wait and see.
  13. Sharon - I know of a few folks who got their parents IR5 in Mumbai. Private message me if you need more information.
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