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  1. After filing for the IR5 application and 2 years, I got all papers done from our side. Civil documents and all documents were updated to the ceac website on 5th May 2021. I guess now waiting for documentation qualification status?
  2. Update : I have completed the processing of DS-260 and Affidavit Of Support forms and submitted them online to ceac. Next comes the civil documents.
  3. Thanks @Milasa and @Gomez - I did go to IRS website and after entering option of the papers Needed for Immigration, it was suggested to use the Tax Returns so I got those.
  4. Hello bond1980 - I was in the exact scenario for my case and got RFE. It was resolved after submitting documents (affidavits from relatives etc) - They need to be notarized. You can send me a personal message and I can guide you. Good Luck.
  5. Update : I got an email from NVC with the Case Number and the Invoice number. I also paid the AOS fees Next steps is to get the Financial Evidence document which means I need to get the IRS tax transcript. When trying to go to the IRS website to get the transcript, I had an option of electronic or by mail transcripts. What options are you all using? Also, when I went to select the by mail option, I got option for Account Transcript or Return Transcript ?
  6. Thanks Milasa. When can I expect the credentials to login sent to me by NVC? Does anyone know an approximate timeframe?
  7. Update : the IR5 application was approved on 29th Dec 2020. Thanks for all your input on this.
  8. Hello All - My application for my father's IR5 was approved on 29th Dec 2020 RFE received in Aug 2020 RFE response in Sept 2020 What are the next steps? I know it goes to NVC and they might be directing me for next steps but I wanted to know from the experienced folks on what they went through and how they prepared for it?
  9. Update : I did send the RFE with additional documents and it has reached the Vermont Service Center. (My case was/is?? at Nebraska Service Center) I sent the following documents to prove my relationship with my father and to prove I was born during the married life of my parents (Parents Marriage Certificate not available and mother's name not in birth certificate) Duly notarized copy of my birth certificate (in original lang) and it translation in English (shows my fathers name) Duly notarized copy of my OCI which shows my parents name Duly notarized copy of my mothers death certificate in original lang and English translation (that shows my fathers name on it) Duly noatized copy of my mothers old passport (shows my fathers name in spouse info) 2 separate affidavits from relatives confirming relationship of my parents and my birth by my parents legally wedded life. 2 separate affidavits from relatives confirming legal wedding of my parents with each other. My name change document from US Court My school certificate that shows my father's name when I was in 4th Grade. This is typed in here so others looking for information can see what documents can be sent when they get a RFE for no marriage certificate for their parents when they were done years ago and NOT available.
  10. Thanks for your comment. I went and read the RFE again and you are right. They clearly mention they must be signed individually. I am so thankful for your reply
  11. Update : I am getting the papers ready in response to the RFE to prove my relation with my father. I had a question on the affidavits - Do we need affidavits from each person separately or do we need two relatives to sign the same affidavit (with both their signatures/photos)? My agent who is preparing the documents in India says single affidavit with both of them signing in front on notary is ok. I have read multiple posts that mentioned separate affidavits so I am posing a query here so our group can chime in. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes ProbeGT - There is no marriage certificate and according to US Dept of State https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/India.html it was NOT required until 2006.
  13. Thanks for all your help guys. The lawyer consultation mentioned that due to no marriage certificate, I would need to prove my parents were married (can use affidavits and old photos and documents) and that I am a legal child of theirs. I am going to be getting a few affidavits from my relatives who were present when I was born as well as when my parents got married. I was able to find some old documents from my schooling that mentions my fathers name and that was way back in 1984 (who thought those old documents can be helpful - I was so glad to find something that old) Hope for the best.
  14. Thanks @SusieQQQ. I have a lawyer consultation scheduled and hopefully that will clear up what needs to be done to respond to the RFE. I had sent USCIS affidavits from my mom's brothers about the marriage (in leiu of marriage certificate) when I originally filed and I can the photocopies again. I also have affidavit from my aunt and my father mentioning my relation with my parents so I think it should be covered. Hoping for the best.
  15. Thanks SusieQQQ - What does legitimation mean? My parents were married before our birth and has taken care of the family financially as well as all aspects of life. I did not know we might need to show proof for fees etc and we payed cash for fees etc 25 plus years ago so not sure which documents might help.
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