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  1. I’ve shown these to my fiancé and since everything is refundable and the “wedding” didn’t involve anyone from the county or church to do it we are going to cancel it and let everyone know.
  2. I’m not sure, we sent them paid invoices of everything and asked our lawyer about it, he said as long as we didn’t sign the marriage license it was good to go. Because until you sign the license you aren’t married.
  3. Thank you, that’s what we were told by the lawyer and others.
  4. Yeah we’ve heard that before. We’ve decided if the visa isn’t done by the time of the wedding then we just aren’t signing the license and will do it after approval. And just doing this for family and friends.
  5. Her physician in Canada gave her the vaccinations required for the Visa. Nothing further. She has her shot record as well. It’s not like she’s avoiding anything we just weren’t informed that they did vaccinations at the medical exam and she was worried she would be denied or held up without them. I don’t see anything in there that states doing that is against any policy. She is bringing everything including a titer test to the medical exam. Also you kinda come off super rude.
  6. We had no idea since one of the lawyers we talked to suggested getting them done. Another post on here said that we should get them done before seeing the medical facility because one of them required boosters.
  7. We’ve already put packet 3 together and are working on the packet 4 stuff. She got her police certificate done in March and she’s had most of her vaccinations done, (just needs the boosters) by her regular doctor. It’s just super annoying that we didn’t hear anything from NVC until I had to email them twice for information. They sent us notice of action that it was sent to NVC on the 18th of May, and I didn’t hear anything via email or snail mail until today and it was a reply to my email.
  8. Ive read the google doc file and I still don’t understand how to calculate when the assigned the case number... that is all weird... I found the CEAC website and it says my visa is in transit to the embassy.
  9. I get the feeling you are a College Professor or a Teacher lol
  10. OH THANK GOD! Looks like we are probably around the same time. We filed in December of 2018.
  11. It says “your case is in transit to the consular section. Your interview date was provided to you by the national visa center” but we didnt get an interview date lol
  12. I had no idea this was a thing... I’ll have to see if I can do it or if my fiancé has to sign up for it. That would be nice if we could get everything done soon. (I figured it would be closer to September than anything because the 797 or whatever saying we were approved was good til September)
  13. Thank you, sorry super stressed, we had planned our wedding for August and the fiancé is freaking out about it. I’m more like oh well if we don’t get approved by then we just do the ceremony and don’t sign the marriage license then we go to a justice of the peace after we get approved. But she’s losing her mind.
  14. I just got our notice from NVC today (25 June 2019) that they got our package and created a case number. On May 18, 2019 they sent us a notice saying it was being sent to NVC. I had to email them for an update. Any idea when it should be sent to the embassy in Montreal?
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