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  1. Oh I’m sure, nothing like “hey do you want to watch a movie on Netflix together while FaceTiming?” To be super boring. You need to be one of those people that loves drama to do that show.
  2. Same here, we only fought a couple times because of the forms and the packet bs lol. And waiting for appointments. It’s a pain. But we’ve been together 6 years and only getting better.
  3. I was meaning the fact that the process is a pain in the #######, that and some of them haven’t even been together for 2 years and have so many other issues
  4. God I hate this whole process lol. We figured out why the people on the show are always fighting and it’s because of this process
  5. No it’s just a shipping envelope and she’s stressed to open it, it doesn’t say do not open on the package. I told her to open it and there should be her passport and the do not open envelope
  6. She was given a large grey package. It states in the pink sheet that there’s an additional envelope in it... but I’m not sure
  7. She doesn’t physically have her passport since the embassy took it and sent her the envelope of everything and she’s not supposed to open it so how does she show her passport? that’s my question haha
  8. Hi all, My fiancé just got her K-1 Visa, we are wondering how she flies to the US when she needs to show her passport at the ticketing office? I know customs is supposed to open the package with her visa information so I’m not sure how it would work.
  9. I’ve shown these to my fiancé and since everything is refundable and the “wedding” didn’t involve anyone from the county or church to do it we are going to cancel it and let everyone know.
  10. I’m not sure, we sent them paid invoices of everything and asked our lawyer about it, he said as long as we didn’t sign the marriage license it was good to go. Because until you sign the license you aren’t married.
  11. Thank you, that’s what we were told by the lawyer and others.
  12. Yeah we’ve heard that before. We’ve decided if the visa isn’t done by the time of the wedding then we just aren’t signing the license and will do it after approval. And just doing this for family and friends.
  13. Her physician in Canada gave her the vaccinations required for the Visa. Nothing further. She has her shot record as well. It’s not like she’s avoiding anything we just weren’t informed that they did vaccinations at the medical exam and she was worried she would be denied or held up without them. I don’t see anything in there that states doing that is against any policy. She is bringing everything including a titer test to the medical exam. Also you kinda come off super rude.
  14. We had no idea since one of the lawyers we talked to suggested getting them done. Another post on here said that we should get them done before seeing the medical facility because one of them required boosters.
  15. We’ve already put packet 3 together and are working on the packet 4 stuff. She got her police certificate done in March and she’s had most of her vaccinations done, (just needs the boosters) by her regular doctor. It’s just super annoying that we didn’t hear anything from NVC until I had to email them twice for information. They sent us notice of action that it was sent to NVC on the 18th of May, and I didn’t hear anything via email or snail mail until today and it was a reply to my email.
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