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  1. Same thing happened to my friend. No worries.. Immigrant health records are now stored digitally by US Embassies. POE officers can now see health record in their system electronically.
  2. I got DQ from NVC by only using Assets. I am currently UNEMPLOYED and living with my spouse abroad. So YES!
  3. Got DQ after 8 weeks of submission. Document submission date Dec 5, 2019..
  4. @NikLR There is another post in FB where Tax return got rejected when W2 is combined with Tax return. Conclusion: Tax return has to be separated from W2. Each docs has to go under their own title.. Thank You everyone for your help..
  5. Hello, I am US citizen filing for spouse petition and I am in now NVC stage. I already submitted documents to NVC 3 weeks back. For AOS supporting documents I didnt attach proof of my US citizenship. Does it required at NVC stage? I am the petitioner and sponsor for my spouse.
  6. Hello, I have tax return of total around 80 pages. I filed it electronically through turbo and I have that 1040 generated in my laptop in pdf format. Can I just upload them directly to NVC since it is in pdf itself? Just want to confirm I don't need to print and scan again in pdf right? Please suggest.
  7. I had also thought the same but I saw on Facebook thread where I864 AOS got rejected when he submitted the supporting documents same in one pdf. NVC wanted only AOS under Affidavit of support and supporting documents under additional docs..
  8. Hello, I am wondering where should I upload W2 when submitting Tax return to NVC. Should I attach W2 together in same pdf file with tax return or should I upload W2 separately?
  9. Hello, I am US Citizen and I applied I-130 petition to my sister in 2014. My sister was in student visa in US In 2018 she got married to US Citizen and her husband filed spouse petition and I-485. Their interview was approved with USCIS and she already got greencard now. Start to Finish was just in 7 months. Now, I am confused.. what should I do with the pending I-130 petition that I have filed as brother. Do they cancel it automatically or I need to do something?
  10. Lol.. One of that I129F number is mine Yay!! Got approved today I-130 PD Oct 28, 2018 I129F Denied- Oct 23, 2019 I 130 Approved - Oct 23, 2019 Thank You all Visa Journey Members..
  11. 25 days since I responded RFE to USCIS. Status just says RFE received. Has anyone waited this longer??? RFE was just for 1 Passport photo.
  12. Thanks pushbrk. I am on day 20 since they received. I was worried coz I seen a lot of people getting approved in less than 15 days since USCIS received rfe. Hopefully will get positive response soon.
  13. I already waited for 1 year and got RFE( Request for additional evidence). I replied them and now wondering how long will it take UsCIS to review and make decision on my petition? RFE was for - 1 passport photo only.
  14. Does anyone know how long will USCIS take to approve i-130 petition or make decision after rfe recieved? . Thank you
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