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  1. it took exactly 1 month to get the interview date email and then the interview was another 3 weeks
  2. it took 4 days. We did not pay for the express. He interviewed on a Monday and we got the passport back on that following Friday
  3. it took exactly 1 month after all supporting documents and DS-260 were approved to get the interview date and the date was about 3 weeks out.. after the interview approval my husband got his passport back in 3-4 days. We did not choose to expedite it.
  4. just to update everyone.. my husband did NOT choose to get it expedited.. we had our interview on Monday and got the passport with the visa in it on Thursday. He lives in Ontario.
  5. Does a CR1 Visa automatically get you a social security number? I'm not sure if we applied for a SSN for my husband or not and was wondering what the process is.. I thought getting a green card/CR1 would automatically get him a SSN?
  6. Hello all, My husband got an approval yesterday after his interview.. Just wondering what the next step is? Do we just wait for him to get his passport and then he can move to the US? Thanks!
  7. How long is it taking for people to get their passports back after the CR1 interview? Also, any information on what the time difference is for if you pay for it to be expedited vs not?
  8. Hi all, thought this was a great thread to follow.. I just wanted more info on importing a car to the states. My husband drove to California to visit me a few months ago in the hopes that he would drive back however on the way here he was told by a mechanic that he probably shouldn't be driving it much as it is leaking some type of AC fluid that can be harmful to breathe in... What can we do to keep the vehicle here and basically use it until it dies? Thanks in advance
  9. My husband and I are getting prepared for his move (interview date on 4/08!!) and I was wondering if anyone could provide me information with what the process of changing drivers license and car plates is? My husband actually has a canadian AZ license and was wondering if he would have to take the license test in California again? Thanks!
  10. Just wanted to let you know MK - I just saw a change on CEAC.. now it says Your Case is Currently At: Montreal (previously it was NVC) Thanks ML Engineer! Same to you!!
  11. Trying to prepare for our interview that is next month! Are you allowed to bring phones in to the consulate? Who is allowed to accompany the person interviewing? I am the petitioner and would like to know if I can go with my beneficiary. Thanks!!
  12. Finally got our interview date!! April 8! CR-1 CC on Feb 13 Interview at Montreal, Canada
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