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    Medical exam: 10/03/2016
    Interview date: 10/31/2016
    Visa Approval: 10/31/2016 approved. visa and passport will come in 10 days
    USA landing: Jan 19, 2017
    Green Card received: Jan 2017
    Applied for removal of conditions: Oct 22 2018
    Received NOA1- Jan 2019 after calling and stating never received the 18 months extension letter.
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  1. Hello I am asking on behalf of my mother-in-law's N-400 application. This year she will complete for her 5 year rule. A bit of background: Her daughter applied for her 5 years back and since they reside in Illinois, my mother-in-law's home address is illinois address on her green card. the question I have is that we never changed it with USCIS but she has been living with me and my husband in Maryland since covid started. In the last 5 years she has lived in Pakistan or visited Pakistan many times. In the beginning it used to be 5 months in a year but since covid, her trip to pakistan has amounted to for 2 months or less in the last 2 years. But she has been staying with us in maryland since then and we never changed her address with USCIS, how should we proceed with her N-400 application. She goes and stays with her daughter in chicago for 2 months or less but since covid, she has been with me and husband and we have changed her id as well as her insurance and bank account with our address. So for N-400 application, should we put her new address or do we need to do AR-11 first? Thanks in advance rooj
  2. I guess that is what we will have to do at this point. Oldest is definitely going to age out. the youngest is only 10 I believe so hopefully it happens before she reaches 21.
  3. hmmm thank you for that information. I appreciate it. As of now, her husband is willing to divorce her but is not taking any financial responsibility of her but is willing to support the daughters. The oldest is still studying and finishing her studies so she will not be traveling anytime soon. the youngest is still in school but she can travel with her, however we are advising her not to travel. The Sister in law does not want to leave her kids and travel anywhere at least not the youngest one. Let's see what happens. We may just end up supporting her financially until she is ready to stand up on her own.
  4. Well if she leaves her daughters back home, she would have no choice but to return especially for her youngest daughter. As of now it is not optional for the oldest to travel since she is still studying and she doesn't want to go anywhere without her daughters.
  5. What do you mean she doesn't have a strong case of B? is it because her mother and brother are here and the counselor will think she will not go back? Sorry I am just trying to understand so that I can relay that information back to my mother in law.
  6. Hmm i guess pakistan is not taking any visit visa interviews at the moment. Just one question: even if she comes, she might not be allowed with both her daughters right? even for a month right? I mean if she decides to come with both daughters. What if she applies for herself and just the youngest daughter? Also for the visit visa, wouldn't she need to work?
  7. the wife never got a visa as she never traveled. The oldest daughter have traveled to either Canada or England in the past with her father. The youngest never traveled so no visa I believe. I will have to officially find out what they have.
  8. Very good question. I will have to find out. I am going to assume that is a yes since he gave them back their passport after so many years.
  9. The kids have the passport and it was being kept by the father. He just handed all the passports, including the wife's, back to the wife.
  10. No she doesn't want to leave them behind. Both are under 21 but one is almost 18 and the other is a minor and dependent. Financially they all are dependent on their father and so is the wife, but emotionally and in living scenario, both girls live with their mother and hardly interact with the father. She certainly doesn't want to leave them both but at least for the younger one she can't leave her and right now it is emotionally draining her.
  11. Thank you to everyone who is replying and putting inputs. I wanted to clear few things here for people who recommended some suggestions. 1. I personally do not know any shelters in pakistan who helps domestic violence victims but I can say is that in pakistan the justice system does not favor women and are often left to fend for themselves. And my sister in law and her kids will not get justice. Her husband is well connected and will do everything in his power to make sure she doesn't get justice. Her daughter confirmed that today. The guy has threatened them in the past with guns and with police threats. And since he knows people in the system, they will not help her. But I will research on good shelters. 2. Most of her immediate family members are here. Especially since she has only one brother and no father. Her extended family members will not be able to help for a long time. I can say that much so we will have to look for alternative. 3. As I mentioned above her husband is very powerful and knows people in the system who will take his side and she will not get justice. I am hoping I am wrong in that front. Hopefully it all works out and this is not needed bur I wanted to reach out a find some answers for her. I know pakistan's justice system is not that great when it comes to divorce and other such rulings. Thank you to everyone so far for your input and help.
  12. I am well aware of that tourist visa which is why I posted here to see what other ways it can go. The family migration is hard since the wait time is long and that could be dangerous to my sister-in-law. You mentioned that it could take a year or more, how more we are talking about? Would her current situation, if we send in evidence of her danger, can help her situation?
  13. Is there another route? I was reading about the U-nonimmigrant visas and it mentions the domestic violence as one of the qualified crime. My mother-in-law applying for her daughter would take long time and that could cause her life to be in further danger.
  14. I never said it is an asylum case. All I said is that it is like an "asylum" situation. I was speaking to someone who helps in cases like this and she mentioned about her applying for visit visa and then when she is here, she can apply for asylum and I am not too sure on that idea so I wanted to find out on a possible route on this.
  15. Hello, I need a little information on what the best route is to take in the following situation. Just a bit of background information. My sister-in-law who has been married for more than 21 years in Pakistan and have been in an abusive relationship since then. She finally decided to take a step in getting out of it. She never worked or done anything for herself or her kids so this is like stepping into a whole new world for her. The problem is that her husband is abusive and dangerous and can do anything to harm her or her kids. My mother-in-law wants to get her out of there and bring her here to USA. My mother in law is a green card holder and her citizenship is due next year in February. She will apply but it will take her a year and as for my sister-in-law's situation, it might get worse in that time. We are trying to find the quickest and best option on how to bring her here base on her current situation. Basically we are trying to look for an "asylum" situation and not sure what the best route is to take since my mother in law can apply for her as well. Please help guide. Thanks
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