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  1. No. I dont expect for a week or two they said they received mine 5/3.
  2. My noa2 date was march 03. Nvc just received my case yesterday. If you havent already i would get your congressman/senator involved immediately.
  3. It has been almost 60 days since noa2. My case hasn’t arrived at the nvc. I see others getting in 1-2 weeks. Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you do? I have contacted uscis and nvc multiple times about this and get the same generic response that I need to wait. NVC says wait 60 days, and uscis says wait 90 days. I have contacted ombudsman and congressman as well. Is there anything else that I can do?
  4. I have already contacted congressman, ombdusman and received a new noa2 date and confirmed that it has been resent. That was last week. I call nvc almost daily.
  5. My expedite request was approved on 02-16 and i received noa2 on March 04. However it has been over 50 days and my case has not arrived at nvc.
  6. My Noa2 March 04 and the Nvc still hasn’t recieved my case from the Uscis. I reached out to the ombudsman and after a couple weeks they got back to me. They said that they have confirmed that it has been sent. Now my noa2 date has changed to April 20th. So I’m guessing that either the uscis never sent it or the nvc lost it?
  7. Congratulations. I got my Noa2 on March4, but NVC hasn’t received yet. 😕
  8. I was told by a worker at NVC that they would be able to tell me as soon as the file arrived from the USCIS. I talked to a tier 2 agent who is forwarding my question as to why it hasn’t been shipped to the california service center.
  9. Joining this thread. Received my noa2 March 4 and have received nothing from NVC. I’ve called nvc a few times and keep being told that they haven’t received my file from Uscis. Is there anything I can do?
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