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  1. I was wondering if anyone here has contacted the embassy through email and what email address you used? I finally got my case number about a week ago (the letter had had a “little” detour to Taipei according to a stamp on the envelope 😅) and it’s less than a month until my NOA2 expires. I found this email address on the embassy webpage: support-Sweden@ustraveldocs.com and emailed them to ask for an extension. That was more than a week ago and still no answer. Is there another address? Do I need to be patient (does it usually take some time for them to answer)? Or should I just call them instead?
  2. Congrats to all of you that have gotten your visa! 😄 I finally got the letter from NVC with the case number (it was sent to me, the beneficiary, which surprised me a bit). Interestingly enough, it was dated November 26th 2019 and didn’t arrive until today, almost 2 months later. Then I saw that it had a stamp on the envelope: “Missent to Taipei.” Lol!! No wonder it took so long to make it to Sweden!
  3. Probably not! I never even tried lol! I just assumed it was needed since people wait til they have their case number to fill it out?
  4. I did a few weeks ago. However, on their website it says the are working on emails from end of October 😕 I will try and call them using that app, hopefully it will work 👍
  5. But that’s uscis, I thought nvc was a different agency? We did get the hard copy for NOA2, the one missing is the letter from nvc with the new case number.
  6. Yeah, we didn’t do that. In hindsight, we should have! We figured since we weren’t in a rush, we would get our hard copy eventually anyways 😬
  7. Yes, he is and we did call the military hotline this summer. Maybe I’ll have to try that one instead, but someone also suggested an app where you can call landlines for free 👍 I did try the DHL hack and there has been one package sent every two weeks since we got our NOA2 lol! So how do I know if any of them is mine? 🤔
  8. No... I looked through the I-129F and I can't see that they asked for the email address anywhere...?
  9. The problem is, in order for them to get my email address, I will have to fill out DS-160. Without the case number, I can't fill out that form lol! Catch 22! Oh well, I will sit tight for another month and see what happens. My noa2 expires in February and we will need to extend it anyway.
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering about the letter from NVC, did you all get a hard copy with your case number? We got NOA2 in October and haven't heard from NVC yet. Since John is in Afghanistan and I don't want to think about how astronomical the phone bill would be if I called from Sweden and had to stay on the line for hours, we have not called and asked for the case number. I did email them a few weeks ago, but according to the website they are working on emails from October. It seems like many of you with a similar timeline are now able to book your interviews so I'm thinking our case may very well be at the embassy already. Has anyone ever tried calling the embassy to ask instead?
  11. I have noticed that Americans in general want to use lawyers for everything lol! I have applied for three different visas to the U.S. and the paper work is all pretty straight forward, if you just read the instructions. Never had any issues so far (knock on wood!). Hopefully something will happen soon for you guys!
  12. Oh no, this has me worried - a whole year?? I was expecting up to 8 months and I didn't even realize you could get an RFE for AOS. I tried to look at your timeline, but noticed you haven't filled it out, would you mind sharing important dates like when you entered the U.S., got married, sent in the paperwork for AOS aso? Also, may I ask what the RFE was for..? Congrats on the house!! It must feel good to finally get a place of your own
  13. We more or less lived together for 7 months (I lived in the U.S. when we met, we had separate homes, but spent almost every night together and of course the weekends). Since I moved back to Sweden in 2017, I have visited him six times, including 2 months over the summer. He has been here once and will come again for Christmas. Depending on if he can get another r&r, he’ll visit one more time in the spring before we are ready for the interview. I am so ready for all this traveling back and forth to be done and over with lol!! Total, not including the time I lived in the U.S. and could visit every day: 8, maybe 9.
  14. I've visited Amish country a few times, it really is something else... and lived in the U.S. for a total of 6 years, both in bigger cities and more rural areas. BTW, I didn't mean to offend you, it was just an observation. Even on the countryside here in Sweden, away from the major cities, everything is done electronically these days and we haven’t had checks for as long as I can remember (I’m 34).
  15. I second (third) this. When it comes to some things, like paying, Europe is way ahead of the United States. I can add that the "contactless” thing is implemented in most stores. You just "beep" your card againt the machine instead of sliding it in. Very convenient.
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