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  1. You will be told on the interview date what to do; when you should book the appointment (Select “Notary and Other Services”) on the website for the CRBA certificate. For the US Passport you have the option of registering with DHL to pick it then you go there for collection. For my advice, forget DHL and pick up all docs at the Embassy. It shouldn’t take you more than 5weeks to have both CRBA cert and passport in hand. If you have any other questions, feel free to inbox me
  2. The interview for my 3 months daughter for the Consular Register for Birth Abroad (CRBA) certificate and US passport was on 13th January 2020. Was there 4 weeks after (11th February 2020) for pick up of both CRBA certificate and US Passport. 1. The CRBA certificate was ready but not the passport. Was asked to call on 13th February to see if child’s passport was in. 2. Ticket bought for 17th February 2020 travel to the US. 3. Called Embassy as told but Passport not in so was asked to come in on 14th February 2020. 4. Within 30minutes, I had a US Passport (Emergency Passport valid for ONLY 1yr) to enable my daughter travel with me. 5. The Emergency passport had attached to it a letter and a form to fill out when I get to the US to have my child issued with a Regular US passport. 6. The initial passport fee I paid for the Passport still holds valid so NO payment for the Regular one to do when I get back to the US. 7. I did not pay for the Emrgency passport. It was FREE
  3. Just an update... My wife had her visa interview last week Thursday 12th Dec. She was approved. She received a notice for passport pick at DHL on Tuesday but she went for it today. That is very quick.
  4. Yes, I did submit evidence of my marriage and all other documents I could lay hands on when I filed the initial I-130 and at the NVC stage as well
  5. 1. My wife was at her interview scheduled today at 8am at the Ghana Embassy. 2. She was called to the first window for submission of documents. 3. Only the medical records, passport, passport pictures, birth certificate, police clearance certificate were taken from her. They gave her back all other documents. After few minutes, she was then called to another window for her interview. She said the CO looked up something in the system and was smiling; a. What work does your husband do? b. When did you meet? c. Was he ever married? d. How many children do you have? e. Did you apply for a US visa recently? After the above questions, she was given the approval slip and asked to register with DHL to track when her issued visa is ready for pick up. *In all she spent 27minutes inside the embassy
  6. Thank you @Jozzy. Looking forward to having my wife with me finally😊
  7. Finally, recieved my spouse's Visa Interview Date this morning. Its been 9 weeks of waitimg since NVC completed and forwarded case to US embassy on Sept 4. Interview date is scheduled a month from today, Dec 12th.
  8. Yay!!!! My spouse Visa Interview Date just came in few minutes ago. She's scheduled for 12th December. This is after 9 weeks of waiting
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