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  1. Thank you! Yeah, unfortunately Seattle is one of the longer waits for the interview.
  2. Interview is for the GC only. My approval today was for employment authorization. Sorry I’m not sure if they accept walk ins. I wouldn’t think so because when I went they asked for my appointment letter and it was very very busy.
  3. Hi everyone. I filed my I-485, I-131 and I-765 all together. Just got an update this morning. Date filed : 10/01/2019 NOA: 10/10/2019 Biometrics: 10/29/2019 Case updated to show fingerprints were taken: 10/29/2019 Case Ready to be scheduled for interview: 12/02/2019 (Seattle office) I-765 Approval: 01/21/2020 Hopefully this means everyone’s is right around the corner!
  4. I had my biometrics done on October 28 th and I’m still waiting. I’m hoping my EAD/AP will be approved sometime in the next few weeks
  5. I haven’t received my EAD yet. I don’t think I’ll get my employment or travel authorization for a couple months still.
  6. Hi there, I’m in Seattle as well. My status updated to say they’re ready to schedule my interview on December 2 so now I wait. The Seattle office seems to be one that’s quite a bit backed up. What about you?
  7. Yeah I’ve noticed it’s going to take some time at the Seattle office unfortunately. I guess my question is, now that my case status says that online, now will it be transferred from the NVC to Seattle?
  8. Hey everyone, I have a question. My online case status changed today to say that my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview and that they would send me a letter in the mail. So now will they be transferring my case to my local office where they will then schedule my interview? .... And I wait (for 2 years lol).
  9. Ya, that would be convenient! Worth a try 😊
  10. Hey, I think regardless they charge the $13 or $14 per 2 pics that they print so it wouldn't make a difference. That's what I understood anyways.
  11. I went to Staples and got 8 print outs of the same picture, 2 for the interview and 6 for the medical (since they can't print just 5). It was $60 but super quick and easy.
  12. I just had my medical with Dr. Cheema on July 24th for my Interview August 7th. When I was there they gave me the option, they said I could pick it up 2 business days after between 4 and 5 or they could mail it to me and that would be an extra charge and would take approx one week. The medical is available for pick up from 9am-2pm on Saturdays as well @QueenieBonds
  13. My Canada one looks exactly like that. I thought it was valid for 6 months prior to interview. I could be wrong though.
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