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  1. Thank you, that definitely helps me and makes me less stressed! What are you doing to u.s domicile? We were going to do a copy of his apartment lease and drivers license.
  2. Hey all! I just have a few questions/concerns regarding the I-134 if anyone has began to gather documents for that. My fiance provided me his 2018 tax return (W2 and 1080 included), a statement from the bank of america with the date his account was opened and the present balance, the letter from his boss at work providing required information, and he received a statement regarding his stocks (with a breakdown of the investments). The thing I am worried about is that he asked the bank for a statement of how much has been deposited into his account in the last year and they told him that they don't supply that. So he went onto his banking account and printed out each monthly statements for the last year (it shows amount deposited each month). Will this be an issue? I'm super worried about it but I think it might just be the stress of it all. Any information or thoughts is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. StephanieB

    Packet 3

    No. I did not receive P3. I just went ahead and sent it in then a day after received P4 by email.
  4. StephanieB

    Packet 3

    No I didn’t receive P3, I just sent it in once I got the 2nd update.
  5. StephanieB

    Packet 3

    Mine took one day, I woke up and had P4 already emailed to me.
  6. Hey all, I did my DS 160 yesterday. Just curious, as far as fees/payments go... when do we have to pay fees? Do we only pay a fee when we get to the embassy or do we have to pay anything online before then?
  7. Perfect! Great idea, I think I’m going to do that as well. Are you going to send in the 2016 version that’s available online? Or do you have a more current P3?
  8. Ok. My status has been “ready” since yesterday (first thing in the am). I might try to send P3 next week and just see what happens. I’m just unsure about the P3 available online because it says 2016 on it. And I called NVC to get my case number 2 weeks after it left USCIS, then I tracked it on the ceac website. I seen that it was in transit Tuesday morning then right after I received an email saying it had been shipped to the embassy in Montreal. Then yesterday morning I looked on the Ceac website and it showed “ready”.
  9. Same!! So exciting!! I know that others sent in their P3 without physically receiving it in the mail. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Is that what you all are going to do? I’m comtemplating since P3 can take a couple of weeks to get in the mail.
  10. Hey, I got mine done in Richmond and they told me the same thing. I was worried about the time line of getting it back but then I got it in the mail exactly one week later!
  11. Hi, I will also be doing my medical exam Surrey this summer! But as far as the skin test goes, if you just let the Dr. know about your immunization you received as a baby they will just do an xray. Most just do an xray anyways
  12. Hi, I received our NOA2 on April 26th, the date it got to the NVC is on my time line (don't know off the top of my head), and it shipped from the NVC yesterday!
  13. That’s the data bank number mine said. This is such a stress reliever! I was so worried I got the wrong check done haha. Thank you so much for the response!!
  14. I got my police check done as soon as we got the NOA2. I did the fingerprints under the privacy act and got the form in the mail today! I am nervous though, it doesn’t seem like it has a lot of information. It just says no personal information about you was found in the data bank then a file number beside it. Then it says privacy act request type: Other (provide details) but then there are no details. It also has the date I was fingerprinted, etc. Is this correct?
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