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  1. Explained that we lived 1.5 hours away and were in town for a Dr visit and hoped to be able to complete it today. The lady was very nice.
  2. Yes, we did it today after receiving appointment letter yesterday.
  3. Got our biometrics appointment letter this morning and tried to do a 2 pm walk-in at the Atlanta office, two hours away. I explained that we had an appointment today in Atlanta and as we live 2 hours away I thought we’d try to get them done while in town. We were turned away saying that they were not accepting any walk ins today... will try Birmingham tomorrow Conducted a walk in at the Birmingham office today, very helpful, not busy, biometrics complete
  4. The inconsistencies amaze me but I'm very happy to hear we aren't the only ones.
  5. We mailed our AOS and accompanying forms to the Chicago office on June 10th and USPS shows it arriving on June 13th but we still don't have notification of it having been received, the check hasn't been cashed, and we are very concerned. We called USCIS to inquire and of course nothing was on record yet regarding the AOS and they put in an inquiry (that of course takes 15 days for a response). Is this normal? Am I being hyper sensitive again?
  6. So as far as the Part 7. "On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify...." what is suggested? So as far as the Part 7. "On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify...." what is suggested?
  7. I'm filing the I-131 form along with the I-485 and I-765 forms. As I understand all these can be filed for under the fees submitted for just the AOS I-485. My question is, what do I request on the I-131? Advance Parole? Reentry Permit? It's a little confusing, not to mention the one field on the front of the I-131 form that asks for "Class of Admission". Any advice here? As far as the purpose for making the I-131 request, it would be for Iryna to visit her family in Kyiv Ukraine but under no emergency type situations. It would be casual travel and we might even spend a few days on a long layover in one of the European connector cities. I'm not sure if I should included that information in the request or not? She came to the US on a K-1 and we were married in mid May.
  8. Specifically for Kyiv interests, how many days after your embassy visit did you wait before receiving the email saying your passport was ready for pickup? We are on day 6 but understood the wait to be 3-5 days.
  9. Iryna was questioned about her engagement and engagement ring as well. Was yours a male interviewer? Hers was.
  10. Based on our experience, I entirely agree with your assessment regarding the embassy in Kieve. It seems to be a standard question
  11. The hub? Unfamiliar with that term. Iry’s picking up at the repository near the hospital
  12. By the way, get any dentistry work done outside Kiev and prior to leaving. Outside Kiev is a much better deal than inside. It’s quality dentistry at a fraction of the price in the US
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