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  1. You don't uploads these to the london embassy... I'm assuming your applying for a K1 visa. If so you take these with you at the interview stage.
  2. Checked the old site and was still saying fingerprint few was received... from Oct 1st... checked the new site and showing fingerprint review was completed... It changed on the new site the day after my appointment and once they had completed the review.
  3. So we got our letter for biometrics appointment today.... guess i really was impatient!!! but now booked for the 1st of october
  4. I was just coming here to really say the same thing... I worked in the media industry for 10 years in London and have done various work for American and other international companies while being employed by my London media agency. A lot of big media companies have foreign offices and can allow employees to swap offices internationally after they are established in the company and are willing to help with the process. I have friends who now work in South Africa, Canada, US, Australia through their original company. I personally wasn't on the Journalism side, more on the RTB / advertising side but was invited to speak in New York and LA as well as attend various industry events. It took along time to get established before I left media to look after my little boy who was diagnosed autistic but I was getting offers of jobs in America and sponsorship towards the end of my career.... Do not give up on your dream but maybe look for a new path to that dream... get experience in the UK and build a reputation and see where that takes you... look for media companies that have offices or associates in where you want to end up etc
  5. Oh I know i was one of the lucky ones... and i didn't realise just how lucky at the time... but that mistake of applying for the tourist visa when i could have had an esta followed me for 8 years... every time i entered I was taken to the side room until actually we applied for the K1 Visa and then the 2 entries after that I wasn't I guess they thought if we had applied for the visa and started the process we would be less likely to do anything to risk that but that's just speculation on my part... but I know and realise Im the exception but people shouldn't give up hope... but in this case I'm guessing as they were denied the ESTA and a Visa its going to be more difficult from now on. oh and i guessed the laugh was for the second part 😛
  6. I was one of the lucky ones I guess I was denied a tourist visa but applied for an ESTA 2 days later and got approved for the ESTA. (this however was 8 years ago) Was taken in to the little side room on entry into the US on every single visit from then on up until the last 2 and then my entry under K1 was the quickest i cleared customs in years. Im now undertaking a lot of "arts and craft" projects with my husband.
  7. Thank you so much everyone.... guess i need to learn patience again. Was just worrying that it hasn't arrived yet.
  8. quick question.... when did everyones biometrics letter come... we got our NOA text on the 9/11/2019 and the letters confirming about 3 days later but no letter for biometrics so was wondering.
  9. You don't have to wait... or at least we didn't. We went down to the school office with our K1 and K2 documents and passports and filled in the needed paper work and my son started straight away. I also have a friend who moved here with her children on a k1 / k2 and started school the same week both of us are in different states. But honestly go speak to the local school office they will be able to help.
  10. Sorry I have been sooooo busy settling in here.... ohh and this happened
  11. Filed on the 8/23/19 and at 12:45am this morning 11 text messages over the span of an hour and a half !!! for 5 NOA numbers I'm guessing its automatically sent once the check clears as the check cleared just before.... but why they had to send some of the NOA text 3 times and at that time in the morning who knows!
  12. ohhh is it time to annoy @Greenbaum with our wedding pics like we threatened
  13. Is it to late to join the party Ours will be posted today... good luck all
  14. btw has anyone else from our group already married..... would love to hear how everyone is getting on from our original group Heres a small pic from our wedding after all the wait, stress and paperwork... finally married and worth every second x
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