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  1. So, you didn’t wait for the mailed letter then? Congrats again, I’m sure it will go well!
  2. We haven't scheduled it yet. We're waiting for the letter from the embassy. And congrats to you! Have you scheduled yours?
  3. @Greenbaum Thanks (again). I know some of my questions are repeats, but my nerves are a wreck and consequently seeking reassurance. Your time and feedback are apperciated. Thanks so much..HopefulOne1 A.K.A. HandfulOne1
  4. This is what the email we received said: Please note that the transfer process can take several weeks. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate will contact your fiancé (e)/spouse when they are ready to process his or her petition. Next steps: Go to our website http://nvc.state.gov/k1 to learn how to apply for a K visa and prepare for the visa interview.
  5. Oh good grief! So, when should my fiance schedule get his interview scheduled?
  6. I've checked timelines similar to mine and it seems as if everyone jumps from "Consulate received" to "Interview" Is no one waiting for their P3 to come in the mail or are they just not bothering to update their timeline????
  7. We're waiting for the official package to come in the mail. We want to make sure our ducks are in a row and not rush through things. Just tried the DHL hack again and it worked! It's on it's way to the embassy and expected delivery is Friday 😀
  8. @ConnorSYes, thank you I did read page 1. However, with something so important I don't want to take chances or make incorrect assumptions. Thank you for confirming!
  9. @ Greenbaum would like to see the P3 for London. Thanks!
  10. It looks like some have proceeded with scheduling before receiving their packet. I've requested confirmation.
  11. So, it's okay to proceed with scheduling the medical exam even if we haven't received the packet? Is it also okay to then schedule the interview?
  12. @Greenbaum Can we proceed with scheduling the medical since we're in transit to the London embassy?
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