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  1. I appreciate some of you trying to warn me of the potential consequences of bringing my MIL to the USA. The costs, the emotional investment and such are fully evident to me and I am not only willing but able to handle those issues as they may arise. The alternative to just leaving my wife's mother to die alone is simply not acceptable. That is not what love is, it is not what family is and not what humanity is all about. What I really need to know is what impact her condition has on her eligibility to immigrate and how it may effect her timeline. It appears that since she is not a threat due to her condition then she cannot be discriminated against based on her mental state. She is not yet 80 so I believe she still has to attend an interview at the Embassy. What I need to know is how much time do I need to go and retrieve her, escort her to the Embassy and thence to the USA? That being said if there is someone out there who has been through this situation then your input and experience is vital to my cause. Thank you to those who supplied me with the information above about the guidelines placed on the immigration official with respect to her mental condition. From what I can gather the I-134 only requires me to have sufficient income above the poverty level, no worries there. I see no policy that says they can set an arbitrary minimum income amount based on her condition. She will become my dependent and I can add her to my insurance and include her as a deduction so it is nearly a break even there. Most importantly she will be with her daughter and myself and live in a warm and loving home in her final years v. dying alone and neglected in a cold faraway city.
  2. I see that I-130 is required for naturalized wife to petition for her mother to become an immigrant to the USA. Mother is 74 and is suffering from dementia. I have the following questions: 1. Does her medical condition preclude her from immigration? 2. Does she qualify for any special consideration due to her condition? 3. Does her medical condition have an impact on the I-134? She has no other relatives to care for her and friends are increasingly worried about her wanderings and getting lost. She was just found after spending the entire day at a bus stop in freezing weather not knowing where she was. I know we are attempting to take on a tremendous load but this is how families work and we are determined to help her in any way possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.