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    I have just petitioned for my husband who is in UK. I am a new LPR currently living with my son in Florida. My husband’s PD is June 6th and it has been sent to California 😩 Not a good start !

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  1. It’s just that currently California is taking upto 22 months to process the I 130 for F2a petitions and this appears to be worsening. Visa bulletin is showing 23 months. That’s tight !
  2. What happens if your PD becomes current on the Visa Bulletin but the USCIS Service Center still hasn’t approved the I 130 petition?
  3. Good question. It’s almost as if they are trying to deliberately make it as difficult and painful as possible? if logic was applied they would spread the workload evenly. We were sent to California when there was already the 16-20 month processing time. Why keep sending petitions there? 😩
  4. I am a new LPR having gained my visa via IR5 as my son is a US citizen. I have now petitioned I 130 for my spouse who is still in England. I am living with my son in Florida. My husband’s petition has been sent to California 😩 processing time currently upto 21 months. I would be glad to hear from anyone who is with California or in the same position?
  5. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Review 4/4/18

    Congratulations x 10 its a long road, not for the faint hearted.
  6. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Review 4/4/18

    Hi, just wondering how your interview went. I’m starting to feel really anxious now 😩
  7. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Review 4/4/18

    Good Luck....hope it goes well. Let me know x
  8. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Review 4/4/18

    Hi Emily, thanks for the reply, I feel a little better now. my medical is Wednesday 18th and my Embassy interview is May 1st. Ill think about you on Thursday 🙏 please let me know how it goes. I’m sure it will be fine ... having said that I’ll sure be glad when it’s all over 😔 Good luck Has your status changed to READY from IN TRANSIT on the NVC website? That might confirm that your medical is received and ok
  9. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Review 4/4/18

    Hi, I went to get my ‘medical summary’ from my doctor today ready for my medical at Knightsbridge. It is just a two page printout. My doctors were not very forthcoming and didn’t seem keen to provide much else. Do you mind me asking how comprehensive/detailed your summary was? Have you heard yet whether you’ve passed the medical? I hope so. Thanks
  10. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Medical

    Can anyone explain what they provided by way of a ‘Medical Summary’ which is apparently a new requirement? Thank you
  11. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Medical

    I will look forward to reading that. Thank you
  12. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Medical

    I was planning to but I managed to get through this morning and booked my appointment. Thanks for the suggestion. I had to call them back again this afternoon because they hadn’t emailed the confirmation. I thought i’d misdialled because they picked up on the first ring !!!! Unbelievable 😂
  13. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Medical

    How long did you have to wait for them to answer? I rang at 4.00pm (after having tried for 3 hours this morning). I was 21st in the queue and got down to 2nd in the queue when the line went dead. That was 8.00pm
  14. Pat Stubbs

    Knightsbridge Medical

    I spent 3 hours this morning and nearly 4 hours this afternoon starting at place 19 and place 21 respectively. First time I gave up and thought I call back this afternoon. I stared at 4.00pm and finally got cut off at 8.00 pm by which time I was second in line. This is unbelievably frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?