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    I have just petitioned for my husband who is in UK. I am a new LPR currently living with my son in Florida. My husband’s PD is June 6th and it has been sent to California 😩 Not a good start !

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  1. Thanks but I only have an iPad, no computer or laptop.
  2. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to complete and submit the DS 261 and DS260 using an iPad? Thanks
  3. Hi I hope you don’t mind me asking you but could you give me your approval date and the date NVC finally got your case? Our case was approved on September 20th and apparently sent to NVC on September 23rd. I found this out by submitting an online enquiry because we were outside normal processing times. We didn’t get an Approval Notice by post or email and our USCIS account hasn’t been updated. Because of this we are nervous the case has got lost between USCIS and NVC. I spoke to tier 1 who just said he couldn’t confirm when or if it was sent to NVC and just told me to keep calling NVC. I have spoken to NVC 3 times and they told me they couldn’t trace the case. Thanks
  4. Thanks so much. You have reassured me a little. I will definitely try and get through to a tier 2 officer tomorrow. Any tips on how to do this? I’ve had difficulty even getting through to a human who are obviously nothing more than call handlers. Yesterday I asked for a tier 1 and they called me back 8 hours later. The officer was unhelpful and couldn’t really be bothered. He said there was nothing he could do and told me to keep trying NVC then hung up on me. If I can get through to speak to someone do I need a special reason to get transferred to a tier 2 ? Sorry to bother you so much with all the questions
  5. No. I submitted an online request because our PD is June 6 2018 so outside normal processing times. I got an email reply telling me it had been approved Sept 23rd and sent to NVC. we didn’t get an Approval Notice, email or online case update from USCIS so we started to worry. I’ve spoken several times to USCIS who just keep saying it was sent to NVC on Sept 23rd. I spoke a couple of times with NVC who say they have no trace of our case. We are really worried.
  6. Do you mind me asking what your approval date was. Our case was approved on September 23rd and The CEAC says they do not recognise the case. I called NVC and they said they haven’t received it. I was interested to know how long it takes to get from USCIS to NVC it’s very worrying in case it’s gone astray. thanks
  7. They obviously don’t process byPD or there would be no random approvals. How can it be in date order when some are approved with PDs dated 2018 when many are still waiting with PDs in 2017. May have something to do with country quotas? What would be the point in processing applicants with a long wait at NVC while some applicants have a short wait at NVC. Maybe they group them by country within the USCIS and then date sort them ?
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