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  1. It's unfortunate you are caught up in the whole pandemic lock down issues. You would have to wait for them to get back to you.
  2. What if you have a sole custody of a minor child that the father has never been responsible for and the court divorce judgement says the mother has full custody. Do you still need a consent letter? Kindly advise.
  3. https://punchng.com/us-contacts-nigerian-visa-applicants-affected-by-trumps-travel-restrictions/ Did anyone get a call regarding this?
  4. The good thing is they kept your passport, so don't worry too much. They did not keep my children's passport was returned to them and nothing since then.
  5. There is nothing you can do. My children was placed on Administrative processing since Feb 2020 and we've been waiting since then. It's very frustrating. This whole thing is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before going to bed. They asked for additional information which we submitted in December 2020 and the last time they opened the case was on the 30th of December 2020. Just keep hope alive. It will all end in praise.
  6. Good evening Everyone. My children had their interview in Lagos Embassy early this year February 2020. Both of them were placed on Administrative processing. Their status has not changed since February. We have tried to call the embassy on this number +234 1 460 3400 and the person we spoke to couldn't help us, she asked us to send an email to the email address I stated below. We have sent emails to this email address:- LagosIV@state.gov, we got no response at all. The lawyer we used also wrote and got no response. We also mailed support-nigeria@ustraveldocs.com hoping to at least get some information and got nothing. Does anyone know the best medium to contact Lagos US embassy? Please kindly let me know. Also, has anyone placed on Administrative processing in IR-2 visa category early 2020 been contacted by the embassy? Thank you in anticipation of your help.
  7. I would advise you to include one. When my children went for their interview in Lagos, my sister took them. We had a joint sponsor. The VO asked my sister what the relationship between the sponsor is to me and my husband. She she answered him that she doesn't know and that I or my husband will be in the best position to answer that. If the person going for the interview can answer the question then there won't be need. If someone would be representing you, then include it. They are still on AP since February 2020, no additional information was asked of them. This is a good platform where you can learn from other people's experience and be a step ahead in your preparations. All the best.
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