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  1. 😃Good morning everyone. Please @Greenbaum, what should my fiancé answer concerning this question? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone my fiancé has some questions about filling Affidavit : 1- We have a son together that is a USA citizen. Under Part 2 on Page 2, Beneficiary's Children, should he list him as Child 2? Or is this section of the form only for the K-1 applicant children (in this case my older minor son) ? 2_Under Part 3, Other Information About the Sponsor, Dependents' Information, Page 3, does he list me and the 2 children here also as his dependents? And on Page 4, under the same section, does he list me and my son under the section "I have submitted a visa petition(s) to USCIS on behalf of the following persons."?
  3. Hi Karla ,I am Carole from Cameroon 🇨🇲. I also have 2kids. A 12 years old boy from a previous relationship(applying for K2) and a 4month baby with my fiance. The baby has a US passport, should he also have medical? Please @Greenbaum@Greenbaum can we go for the medical now cause I already have a NVC #? Should the I134 have a wet signature or my fiancé can email and I print? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi. Not yet my fiancé will call today at 7 he's in the Michigan.
  5. Carole Joëlle

    American & Cameroonian Love

    Hi🙂 Lina, I am Carole from Cameroon. Please, Are you done with the k1 visa or still in the process?
  6. Hellooo, another soon-to-be Michigander here 😉, expecting the NOA2 this month.
  7. Carole Joëlle

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    Hi Debbie, me too I received the NOA1 on 5/14/2018;)