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  1. Well finally mailed it in...but totally forgot to include a copy of my own birth certificate //sighs loudly
  2. There are some forms of assets that seem to hold less power. Cash obviously is strongest. Stocks gain and lose value so they may not be worth what you say they are later on. Housing being liquid depends on having a buyer and the selling price, which changes over time. Some people could take over a year to sell a house. The officer doesn’t know real estate like someone who has that job so they have to estimate if it’s stable enough to be considered. So it’s basically their opinion of the situation that decides. We’re just warning you it may not be enough no matter how many properties you use. In answer to your question most people and lawyers consider the more the better (so all the properties, not just one) so it doesn’t slow down the process, but no one can tell you for sure it’ll be accepted either way. I also don’t have personal experience but would think showing the value(appraisal)/ownership(deeds?) would be necessary.
  3. Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for the advice 😊 Currently I only bring in $12,000 a year and I need $21,137 for the two of us at 125%. I’ve been looking for something to add to this, but only recently found an opportunity. Because of this my new income probably won’t be counted when I file AOS in 1-4 months (even with confirmation of employment from my new place of work I would need 6 months of pay slips, from what I’ve read?). I have assets that cover the difference, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experience in covering this amount with assets and the chances of it being accepted without a joint sponser? I want to avoid using a joint sponser but I have it arranged already just in case. On my joint sponser’s Affidavit of Support do they have to include everything they own or just what is necessary to cover our expenses without a doubt? (If their tax return shows it’s enough to cover us do they need to include their house deed/proof they paid off loans, bank account documentation, investments, etc) If by the time the interview comes around I have plenty of income on my own then can I ask to be the only sponser or would the joint sponser’s legal responsibility have to continue?
  4. Hello everyone. Hope y’all don’t mind me loitering in your wait area lol I would be filing this month but due to personal circumstances we’re unsure of when my fiance will be able to move over 😭 Hope everything goes smoothly for all of you!
  5. Thanks so much for the help as always! Will get him to give the office a call and get that sorted out while I start figuring AOS stuff for when he finally comes over 😊
  6. Question about vaccinations. When my fiance had the medical done he found out he doesn't have one of the required vaccinations and they didn't have any at the time. He's not coming over immediately so would it be ok for him to get it done and have it added to the medical paperwork while he's there? I was thinking it would be cheaper and easier to have it out of the way, but wanted to double check that it won't cause any issues.
  7. Approved!! Was so nervous. Fiance woke me up at 2AM to share the excitement 🤣
  8. Thanks so much again @celie&joseph! @Greenbaum Oh, I never realized this. It feels like everywhere I look it mentions sending that as well, but I guess not 🤣 Maybe I’m just going crazy keeping up with everything that needs to be sent or copied lol fiance saw the list of things that he needs copies of and sounded really down (no printer at home so he has to figure something out)
  9. Among the stuff I’m supposed to send my fiance for the interview (affidavit of support and tax transcripts), do I send the original NOA2 or just a copy of it?
  10. Hi everyone, just been lurking in the background for months now but had a question. After the visa is issued but before my fiance enters the US, how long is the visa valid? I read 6 months somewhere but that it may depend on the country?
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