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  1. Coming soon,when least expected,yesterday we where just talking about our day trough videocall and it just appear 😍
  2. My fiance received an email first during the night and minutes later they updated both websites,sorry for my late response.😳
  3. Definitely! Thanks to God😍
  4. We got approved just few minutes ago! , We are truly happy for this, we are going also continue praying for those who continue waiting. I'm also amazed by the fact that the visajourney timeline was really accurated this time.😊😄
  5. So today is our last day to be approved according to Visajourney,I know that the things are going fastly for October filers somehow,but we don't get our approval yet and that's driving us crazy!.
  6. Congratulations ! the whole process is so crazy!🤪
  7. Why does your signature says that your wife is already in the US since 2012? did you get divorce? 🤔🤨
  8. Where did you get them? 😮
  9. As my fiance say :"We are almost there..." they will probably have responses in a couple of weeks,it seems that USCIS is doing everything faster. It really hurts being apart but after this hard time we are be able to be with the loves of our lives in marriage which is do beautiful and wonderful.☝️💓
  10. Thank you so much for answer to my question.😊☺️
  11. Hi there! Me and my fiance are worried about this: If, in our packet, one of the items of proof for our being together (the travel insurance receipts he paid for while visiting me) is missing from the packet, will that cause a problem for us? Should we send in a supplement of it to add to the packet? Will this help us? Will it cause a delay? The travel insurance receipt is listed on the table of contents but was accidentally not added in the packet by the immigration attorney. We have other forms of evidence for our evidence that we have met together in the last two years: 1) multiple photos of us together, 2) flight receipts and tickets from multiple visits, 3) hotel receipt for my fiancé when he visited me, 4) Copy of passport stamps from visits, and 5) a statement from me about us being together multiple times within the past two years. We have also proof of our intent to marry through having 1) an engagement ring receipt and 2) sworn statements signed by each of us with our intent to marry. Should we send in a supplement to the USCIS with the travel insurance receipts as even more proof of the evidence that we were together or are the other 5 evidence points enough and there won't be a problem? Could our packet lacking one thing listed on the table of contents be a reason for delay, denial, or RFE?
  12. Congrats to all that get the NOA2 Approved!, I'm still crossing fingers and praying to get our approval the following weeks, I don´t know, somehow knowing that some october fillers are getting approved intensifies the quantity of clicks or checks that I do in the USCIS webpage daily,either way we are in the countdown to get that NOA2! hopefully...
  13. Hello! I hope our time come really soon, according to my timeline we should wait until March but who knows? Maybe there's a chance that our NOA2 is coming before that,I applied on October 22nd so there's about 108 days of waiting anything could happen anytime...
  14. Thank you so much for replying me,that gives me hope.😞😁