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    I got married on May 12, 2017 and I stayed two 5 months with her in Yemen then I went back to United States because I had school I stayed 1 year then we met at Egypt I stayed two months my case was transferred from Texas service center to my local office in Fresno where I asked my interview the officer ask couple questions the interview went smooth which I stayed two weeks I got my approval then it went to nvc I did all the paper and submit I got case complete then i finally got interview in February 11 , 2020 in the djoubit embassy the interview went smooth our ceac status went from Refused it was refused Yemen is part from the Trump Ban we had to qualify for wavier then they approved us then which it was still at refused then went to ready then to administrative processing finally issued it been issued since Tuesday now we’re waiting on email from the embassy for collect her passport with the visa and we haven’t heard the embassy since now we’re just waiting patiently !!!

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  1. My wife’s enter the USA on a ir1 visa then I pay the green card the Green Card already arrived but the social security card haven’t heard anything about When I filled out her DS-260 I check off yes I want a social security to be generate automatically ? It’s due to COVID-19 ?? When I called the social security office they her name wasn’t in the name but that was before received her Green Card Does USCIS notified the social security ?? I’m so confused
  2. Hi Nicolaszz my wife’s status has been like that for week I haven’t heard from the embassy !!
  3. You received the email from the embassy ?? My ceac status has been issued since last Tuesday and I haven’t received anything from the embassy
  4. I haven’t got anything I been look at my email everyday would the email from ustravel or the embassy of Djounbit I been emailing the embassy they don’t wanna rely to no one that why I talked to my local congressman to email them I hope they get something finally get my spouse and we could start our life’s
  5. When happens if already issued and it still at immigration Visa and when to track the passport at ustravel it tells me there’s no status for this passport ?? So you’re telling me the the visa haven’t print even so if it says issued ??
  6. Hi Greenbaun I also had question my spouse has her interview February 11 , 2020 the interview went smooth and the offficer told her you have your visa in two weeks the status it started with refused then it went to ready then it went administrative processing finally it just to changed to Issued. I’m glad now my question how it usual take the embassy to send you a email to come pick your passport ??
  7. If its in refused I think its in administrative processing my status went from refused to ready now it issued I was wondering it how it takes for embassy to come pick your passport ??
  8. Hi Greenbaum my status finally changed from refused to Ready then to administrative processing then it finally changed to issued !!! I wanna know does it usual take the embassy to send a email to come to pick up your passport ??
  9. Hi Bestluck I also had question my spouse has her interview February 11 , 2020 the interview went smooth and the offficer told her you have your visa in two weeks the status has changed many it started with refused then it went to ready and today it changed to administrative processing hopefully the status is issued !!
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