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  1. Oh okay I talked my congressman today we willing to help me on my case I’m gonna go in office on Tuesday do think they’re help me ??
  2. Hey Khallaf you said know someone’s that has same experience has who was it ?? Can you tell them to contact me ?? Or can tell me who so I could contact them ??
  3. Congrats I’m glad to hear that db2016 how did you waited for your interview to be scheduled ?? How did the interview go ??
  4. Oh okay I don’t else too do I’m losing my patient and it really gets annoying
  5. National visa center are ####### they won’t let you talk a supervisor 😤😤 my case was CR1 I just checked the status on ceac it been changed too IR1is that normal ??
  6. They told me it really depends on the embassy if comes to year and they haven’t gave me appointment I could expedited it but the person I was talking too the most cases she see that been completed take up 6 months or to 8 months or 9 months 😤😤
  7. I’m on the line with NVC right now waiting until they answer me what do tell them ?? I already know they’re gonna tell ’m big line and they aren’t gonna tell when they will give me interview appointment
  8. I’m stilling waiting appointment for a interview at Egypt embassy this getting too much my case has completed since Jan 8th almost 5 months 😤😤
  9. I’m going through the same process my care been completed since January 8th
  10. Hi how did guys to get your interview my case been completed since January 8th
  11. Hey cmw how long did guys wait for a interview after the case was completed my case been completed since January 8
  12. Hi Yousefbebo how did it take for get a interview after the case was completed??
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