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  1. JonMark

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Thanks a lot man!
  2. JonMark

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Hey Jay, was there a 2go kiosk that you have to go to verify your address? My fiancé was so overwhelmed with his emotions after his approval he didn’t even hear the CO’s instructions about the delivery of his passport.
  3. JonMark

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Congrats man! My fiance’s interview was today as well, but his appointment was at 7:10. He also got approved!
  4. JonMark

    Question about Cenomar

    Yessir! I moved here when I was 14 and went back home for nursing school so I also need to present a Cenomar.
  5. JonMark

    Question about Cenomar

    Thank you Hank! My fiancé is worried because both his and my Cenomar says “for Passport/Travel”. I don’t think it matters too since it doesn’t remove the fact that both of us haven’t been married before but my fiancé wanted to be sure, so I asked. Thanks again!
  6. JonMark

    Question about Cenomar

    Not sure how to post to country-specific forum (Philippines) so I apologize in advance. About the Cenomar, does it matter if the purpose that’s printed on the form says “Issued upon the request of (name) for Passport/Travel”? I was watching a YouTube video and the person who posted the video said someone who was also being interviewed that day got a white slip because her Cenomar said “for general purposes” and the CO suggested she needed to get a new Cenomar that specifies “for K-1 visa purposes”. I really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot!
  7. I posted it on this thread. I did email Greenbaum but thought I’d ask you/repost this question again to see if I’ll get a response.
  8. Good for you man. By the way, I posted this question about a week ago but I never got a response. I saw on the NVC website that the petition is valid for four months from the time USCIS approves it and cannot be extended unless a CO extends it. My NOA2 says it’s valid til May 7, does it mean my fiancé has to have his interview before that? I’m planning to join him when he goes for his interview but I’m not flying to Manila til May 16. What do you think? Am I interpreting this wrong? Any input will be appreciated.
  9. I just checked mine too and website said it’s ready. This is exciting!
  10. Congrats to you too, man! This is really exciting!
  11. CEAC status now “In Transit”! This is exciting! Hope everyone’s files are part of this shipment! Good luck everyone!
  12. Hello VJers, just a quick question. I saw on the NVC website (nvc.state.gov/k1 which redirects to travel.state.gov) that the K-1 is valid for 4 months from the time USCIS approves the petition, unless a CO extends the petition - see below. Does this mean my fiancé need to be interviewed before May 8 (our NOA2 is January 8)? I plan to join my fiancé for his interview, but I won’t be in Manila til May 16. Thanks a lot for your inputs!!!
  13. After being on hold for over an hour, I was told we finally have our case number (and invoice number). Really stoked! I wish everyone will get their case numbers soon!