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  1. Thank you all for your help and elaborate responses specially @Nitas_man @geowrian @Bill & Katya
  2. Will the one year be counted from the day I left the US ? Or the day I entered the US for the first time ?
  3. Will the one year be counted from the day I left the US ? Or from the day I entered US for the first time ?
  4. Thank you sir things are much more clear now , so let me get things straight, you said that most likely I am not going to experience an issue , I can be sent to secondary I’m there I can explain to them what I was doing here , along with some documentation... right ? You also mentioned about about getting a travel document when traveling for an extended period of time. What does this extended period of time specifically mean ? More than a year or less than a year ? Is the travel document the same thing as getting a re entry permit ? Thank you
  5. Yes , I came here from the US in May 2019 , now looking to go back early or mid February 2020
  6. Thank you sir for your elaborate response , from what information I gathered i found out that you don’t require a re entry permit if you come back within one year , which I will be coming back in around 10 months, so that’s why I didn’t apply for a re entry permit when leaving the US , is that right or will I be needing a re entry permit even if I am gone for less than a year ? Thanks
  7. The process of selling out things and closing up a properly established business is not that easy in my country , I live in Pakistan and affairs like these can take a long time. on top of that my father passed away last year and I’m still stuck in the process of inheritance etc . So multiple things
  8. No sir I am in the process of moving to the US , I am in my home country currently to finish up my affairs over here and then go there permanently , my question was how long can I stay outside of the US before I start facing problems when going back to the US ? I came back here from the US in May 2019 and will be done with my work till January 2020 , planning to go back February 2020
  9. Hello everyone , i got my greencard in April 2019 and came back from the US in May 2019 , I stayed there a total of two months from March to May 2019. The only reason of me coming back from the US was to wrap up my business and property over here, I will be mostly done with everything until January what I wanted to ask was when can I travel back to America without causing any problems at the entry points , I’ve heard more than a year is a problem, but if I go in mid February will that be a problem ? Is it too close to being a year ? Please help as im looking at tickets these days so that I can buy accordingly best regards
  10. Hello Everyone, I just arrived yesterday through SFO , i just wanted to know how can i apply for my social security number, I know my green card is coming in the mail, i paid the immigrant fee a while ago , and how can i get a driving license if i already have a License from Pakistan, will having the license make it easier for me ? or should i just go without one. Do i have to wait for my social security and green car to open up a bank account ? thanking you in anticipation
  11. Hello everyone sorry for bothering you all so much, I was just wondering if I could buy a return ticket , 1) Right now I need to go there for my first baby girls birth and for a little time after that, then I need to come back to my home country for wrapping up my business and selling property etc. 2) it's much cheaper So please let me know what you guys think ?
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