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  1. Case received August 5, had one RFE Oct 22, RFE received Oct. 28 and I'm just waiting for anything now, I called a couple times already, I going to give a call tomorrow when they open up.
  2. August AOS filer here I sent it out on 8/1/19 and they received it on the 8/5/19. I just recieved the NOA1 on 8/13/19. I'm just praying that everything goes smoothly. Good luck to everyone
  3. it took place in Manila, I say many petitioners accompany there fiance(e)'s there but that was about it just to accompany them. It went well, she just answered the questions honestly and kept her answers simple . I don't know the about situation where you will get interviewed if they allow? There is a post about visiting during the process maybe you will get answers from here
  4. I remember when waiting in line for the interview the CO was basically yelling at a guy but he was speaking slowing and very clearly, The CO was asking him questions like have you been to the USA and he answered Yah. when have you been to the USA. and he answered Yah again,. So I saw the CO was just getting frustrated and then ask him do you understand English and again he answered Yah, his petitioner was there with him and he answered questions without saying yah and they where approved. The couple that was waiting ahead of us looked back and said I hope we don't get that rude man, and my fiancee agreed and said I pray we don't get him as the interviewer. That CO will always be remember as the rude CO by my fiancee and she was just happy we didn't get him. This is my best though about this process I think they generally have a good idea when you get to the interview if they will approve you or not. For the interview they looking for discrepancies and red flags, all you need to do is answer the question honestly, don't offer anything they never asked for. I understand it is a nail biting process, and if that CO was wrong all you can do is follow the advise as everyone has said here.
  5. It's always worth it to be prepared, congratulation it must be one of the happiest moments in you life:)
  6. That is true, I was surprise about the interview went, I envisioned a room where you go in and sit and talk. But it was just window tellers and they have about 70 people for each time slot, it was more like a factory or a drive through.
  7. Okay that sounds reasonible, I hope you guys are approved. They told us to wait for the passport for 2-4 weeks, I have heard of people getting it within a week. My coworker put the Mall of Asia for drop off for his's fiancee's visa and they got it within 4 days. Maybe you guys where approved and your fiance was just overly nervous. If denied will they send you an email or post on their site why?
  8. I was at the US Embassy in Manila last week, the lady in front of US wasn't approved because she had another person petition her in 2017 I don't think they denied her and ask her to reschedule an interview. But I'm not to sure I was to focus on my case so I wasn't paying attention to her situation but more to the questions they where asking.
  9. Hello fellow August filers I only posted on this site once when I was waiting for NOA2 I just got back from my fiancee's country to accompany her for the interview (ten months apart this was a good excuse to go to see her even if it was just for a short time), it was approved god is great. Being long distance from each other and being relationship is so hard, saddening, and this process really tested my nerves. I just know it's all been worth it, I just wish the process was shorter. I pray everyone gets approved. God bless and stay strong
  10. Congratulations you must be so excited, I'm just waiting on her passport then the sticker from the Philippine government. How much was your ticket if you don't mind me asking? I should have enough miles with PAL to book a one way. I just got back from Manila yesterday, I know I shouldn't have gone and saved money, but it is hard being so far away, and it was a great excuse to be there with her and for her during the interview
  11. Thank you for this post, I don't know if it has changed in 2 years, I will just get a one way to save money. I just got off the phone with United Airlines and she wasn't sure about a one way ticket but recommended a RT the difference in price was $800. If I get a RT ticket I will do that with Asiana Airlines they have a open ended ticket for a year and they are only a couple hundred more then the one way.
  12. Thank you i didn’t know about USCIS new site, i just found this website yesterday. I filed in August as well and it’s get near cruch time for the NOA2 and Im getting nervous and excited. Good luck everyone.
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