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  1. You do have to go as far back as possible now. Previously the form only asked for the last 5 trips, now it specifically asks for all trips to be listed. Try to add as many as you can remember, you use approximate date if you don't have specifics
  2. I had my medical last Tuesday for my K1 application and I was only charged £350
  3. for DHL tracking is the reference EXP 09 JUL 2019A or EXP 9 JUL 2019A ?
  4. The case number is not liked to the DS-160 at this stage. So you can fill that out whenever you want. Try a different browser and keep saving after completing each section.
  5. We had a NOA2 date of 11th May, but Our NVC case was only assigned on 20th June. Some see to get the number very quickly for other like myself it took the full 6 weeks advised by the NVC. Just wait and call them every few daysl
  6. I have used Starling Bank - https://www.starlingbank.com/ for the past few year when travelling abroad, including travel to the USA. Very easy to use and very convenient, literally as soon as the transaction is processed you get a mobile alert, simple to move money in and out. I opted for Starling Bank as it does't have the restriction like Monzo
  7. Did you call the NVC or did they send it to you in a email?
  8. I read on one of you post that for the K1 you can track this under immigrant visa on CEAC, some people are advising that there status was under non immigrant status... Is there any particular reason as to where the tracking shows? My file is showing under immigrant visa with the status At NVC
  9. I received the NVC case number yesterday, not yet sent to the London embassy... I just wanted more information on the next steps as some of the information I have read is conflicting - Can I book the Medical or do I need to wait for the NVC email/ letter? - Do I now complete the DS-160 or do I wait? Thanks
  10. NOA2 received with a approval date of 11th May 2019, but case status on USCIS is still showing as case received, not approved is this correct? NVC still not received petition would this be related to the case status? Any suggestion on what you do now? Thanks
  11. We received our NOA2 I-797 with approved date of 11th May 2019, NVC have advised they have still not received our petition. They have advised us to email a scanned copy of the notice to nvcresearch@state.gov for them to contact USCIS to find the petition, which we have done. Has anyone experienced this and what sort of delay can this add to the processing now? Thanks
  12. Did you get you get a update via email or did you have to call the number? How long did it take from NOA2 to NVC Receive date?
  13. Hello, We have a NOA2 date of May 11th 2019, we are seeing on here other who have similar date are getting info back from NVC on case received date, case number etc. We have not heard anything, when we tried calling the number for NVC on the K1 flow chart on https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1flow/- (603 334 0700) we just get a message advising all adviser are on calls and unable to take the call, this is the same regardless of time of day we call. Is there another number we can call or should we just wait a little longer? I have also updated my email address at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html
  14. If the cost to renew a license are low, then best to just renew once able to do so
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