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  1. I was never told why I was put in ap and they wouldn't answer when I asked. But I got issued status today!! Hoping to get a notification from courier soon.
  2. Hello so I had an interview at the London embassy back in September, I was advised I was approved and they kept my passport. When I followed up with the embassy they told me I was in administrative processing even though ceac never changed from ready. I noticed yesterday my ceac updated twice, on e in the morning a date change, and then once in the afternoon to reflect administrative processing. Is this a good sign, or a reflection of an even longer wait?
  3. A quick update. I've been told I'm in administrative processing now but never got a 221g and my ceac still just shows as ready. They seem to check it once a week.
  4. That's ridiculous. I'm sorry you and your father have to go through that. The congressman experience I had was quite pleasant. They may be able to help with you guys! Fingers crossed he gets it soon!
  5. We're london. We did a congressman enquiry and got the same copy and paste answer or it's being processed we'll be told when it's done.
  6. Do you happen to know what they're checking during this? The Consulate confirmed I'm not in administrative processing, just under review.
  7. Oh my bad. I'm new here and haven't found many so thought it must be an irregularity.
  8. Hello, I do have dual citizenship with uk and Canada. I just haven't heard of one taking over a month without a 221(g)
  9. Hello, I had an IR1 visa interview over a month ago and was advised I was approved, they kept my passport. Ceac is still showing ready so I followed up with the embassy and was told my application was still under review but I haven't been given a 221(g). Does anyone have any insight into what's going on? Can it take that long to put the visa packet together?
  10. I asked if they could elaborate but I've not heard back yet. I'm sure I'm overthinking the verbiage, but thought it may be a change in the terminology could indicate some progress. Thanks for the reassurance 🙏.
  11. Fingers crossed for you! I've found this the hardest wait of the process for sure!
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