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    10/03/2018 I-130 mailed from Finland to Chicago Lockbox
    10/23/2018 - USCIS received petition
    10/29/2018 - USCIS processed payment
    11/01/2018- Received NOA1 in the mail

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  1. I'm the USC petitioner moving to the US from Finland and I've been trying to figure out how to change my address online. USCIS doesn't give me the option to change from a foreign country to the US. Has anyone dealt with this? Did you just call the number and have it taken care of? The last thing I want is a delay because of this.
  2. Our boys are super close in age! My son will be four months on the 27th.
  3. Hey folks, First time posting in this group specifically. I'm an October filer and I am just so frustrated. My husband will be missing so much of our son's first year of life for no reason. It's heartbreaking... I've written my senator, we'll see what kind of response I get.
  4. How accurate are the processing times on here versus the USCIS website and vice versa? On here the Nebraska service center is saying they're working on May 29th, but the USCIS website says June 19th. I'm really hoping for the latter as the email I received from here gave an approval estimate of August 29th. 😑
  5. I would think, so long as you meet the requirements, they shouldn't ask for a co-sponsor. If they do, what's the point of having a cut-off point at all? It might be a good idea to have one in mind, just in case. It's best to be safe and prepared than have to figure it out later.
  6. Sorry for the mega delay, we used snail mail! Our petition is at the Nebraska center. Any hopes for us getting a NOA2 in the next 3-4ish months? I'm so impatient! Also, congrats to our first October filer receiving their NOA2! I'm so happy for you and only sliiiightly jealous 😂
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