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  1. Let's just assume that i found an unbiased interpreter ,is interpreter allowed for petitioner?
  2. Hi Guys, after the wait from July 2019 i received the AOS interview letter yesterday. Interview is scheduled for April 20th,2020. My spouse is the petitioner and i am the beneficiary. My spouse is not that fluent in English so i was thinking i would bring a friend of mine as interpreter for her. But the interview letter is addressed to me and it says if you (as in beneficiary) is not fluent in English,bring an interpretor. Is that the case or interpreter is allowed for petitioner as well.? Please provide your comments.
  3. I understand and totally agree to your comments. Even if she can travel via direct flight now or may be this week or next week,it is kind of dangerous in terms if contracting the virus.That is the main reason we decided not to fly.On top of that India also imposed strict travel restriction like mandatory quarantine for all incoming travelers and things like that from yesterday. With regards to her annual touch down i would say that it is not purposeful and the fact is she is doing her bachelors in India and they don't get lots of breaks in between(like semester breaks here in US) to come and stay in US for some time.Last time when she came she mentioned that she is doing here studies ,they were okay with that.I understand that even though it is the truth ,when we look from their perspective it may not look good.Other option is to discontinue her education in India and do bachelors in US ,but then she will loose her 1 or two years of studies.To be honest she is not gaming the system,its just that she is doing her education and trying to balance both.
  4. Thanks for the warning.I understand. I looked at USCIS website regarding the SB1 returning resident and it states that an LPR can opt for this option for circumstances beyond his/her control. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/returning-resident.html I believe this corona virus situation is such a circumstances.Also i understand that i have to prove ties to unites states.
  5. Thanks all.Weighing in the different options i think that if the corona virus situation is still the same, applying for a SB1 returning resident is the best option.
  6. Its just that she was doing her education and before she turned 21 she has to come and collect GC. She cannot drop her eduction in between and move to US.It is something people do when they are in between something, An LPR can stay out of US for maximum 365 days and she can use that option and she will be done with her education in two years and will move to US.
  7. Not sure where to ask this question. My sister is a GC holder(family sponsored) and she is still studying in India.Every year she visit USA for few weeks so that she can maintain the GC status. This year she is supposed to visit USA before end of April,but because of the whole coronavirus situation it seems like she can't make it this time before end of April. Most of the flights from India comes through Middle east or through European countries and to my knowledge most of these countries have imposed travel restrictions. So what are my options.? USCIS must be aware of the situation. What if she plans to visit on August(hope that coronavirus situation will be under control and travel restrictions are removed) and brings a cover letter explaining the situation.? Should we get in touch with an immigration lawyer ? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  8. Hi All, I have a question about I-864 and I-864A? So my petitioner is my spouse and she is unemployed and i am on H1B work visa and when she files i-864 she is combining my income as household income. We file taxes together and i have those tax returns also i plan to keep a cover letter explaining that petitioner is unemployed and don't have income and don't have a separate tax returns. So do i ( spouse of petitioner ) have to file i-864A.? As per my understanding from I-864A instructions as shown above, i come under the second part. I am the intending immigrant and i am a house hold member and sponsor is including only my income in the sponsor's i-864 and i don't have any accompanying dependents. I believe i (spouse) don't have to file separate I-864A.?Am i correct?
  9. Hi All, I am adding a join sponsor for AOS. My joint sponsor is working part time now and gets paid hourly,but earns more than 125% of FPL. So how do i fill the question in part 6.Sponsors Employment and Income ,question 7. My current annual income.? How can i calculate annual income? or should i just calculate based on the last few months pay stubs.?
  10. okay. I have valid reason why the petitioner is unemployed and not working. But i don't think the spouse(intending immigrant) has to file i-864A. I was looking at the instructions for I-864A instructions and it says the below info: In my case, the sponsor(petitioner) is only including the intending immigrants(spouse) income in the I-864 ,so no need for separate I-864A for spouse. Am i correct ??
  11. sorry i missed those info. Intending immigrant is on H1-B work visa and is legally in USA.So AOS was filed.
  12. Hi, Please see the attached image from Page 5 of I-864. Here petitioner is unemployed and so income is zero, but the intending immigrant did join tax filing for the last three years including the petitioner. The Part6. question 20 shows the Annual Household Income as $70,000.00 ,which is the beneficiary's income. My question here is ; Whose information has to be filled the 23.a,23.b ,24.a,24.b,24.c and 25.? Petitioner or Beneficiary or the Household in general. Because Part 6. is Sponsor's Employment and Income info, and 23.a asks have you filed federal income tax returns. In fact the sponsor's is filed jointly.so it should be yes or no.?? Also when filling 24.a,b,c shows household income? or just zero since petitioner is unemployed. Also what about 25 ?because it is confusing as petitioner is included in the intending immigrants tax returns. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi, did you sent a letter explaining why your petitioner didn't file taxes?
  14. I had only two years tax return.Probably my lawyer sent only last year's.
  15. Yes, i had employment letter with my salary info. I had last 6 months paystub and 2 years of tax return. Like @arken mentioned,i didn't have any docs to prove that my employment will continue or source of income will continue after the process
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