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  1. okay here is what they are saying for my follow up to my AOS I-485 interview: If you want to speak with a live agent you will need to call 1800-375-5283. Your case is still within the normal processing time. If your case is not processed during the processing times listed, please go to our website and file an electronic inquiry to notify USCIS that your case is outside normal processing time. This option is available 24 hours a day. If this option does not meet your needs, you may call the USCIS Contact Center and speak with a representative during business hours. It's taking the office 17.5 Months to 42.5 Months. People who filed on October 24, 2017 are the ones the office is working on. You filed onXX/XX/2020. Would you like to learn how to create a USCIS online account that gives you access to our self-help tools anytime and on any device? is this normal processing time? really? and in the interview, the officer said "yes, you are approved" there is nothing holding.
  2. Nope. However, I am sure it will take another 4-8 months to apply and receive one
  3. Not that we are planning but What happens if we travel overseas without green cards? And cards come later? Can we come back in?
  4. Sorry to hear that. Just to let you know, ours took 130 days after the interview and I decided to make inquiry to find out what is going on. Luckily we were not in rush as we are in covid era stucked and bo plans until end of summer
  5. Hi, I have reached out to a cust rep via Emma online chat. They said a tier two officer will call me back in 14 days. Yours took about 4 days to call back right?
  6. Live chat person was not help at all. my wife was next to me when typing, and they said they can't help. we need to call the number she said. I was pissed because there is no live person I can get to from the automated phone line. it is like nightmare.
  7. I am calling the number 1-800-375-5283 , automated system always. any way to speak to a real person here?
  8. I made a typo there . Was gonna write “no doubt”. Making a gigantic difference and couldn’t edit on my iphone browser; don’t know why. what is the best way to follow up? Calling them? I read some people called state senators as constituents. I guess I should do that too.
  9. Even the file goes to the bottom of “to do files” stack, they would have reviewed and response in 4 months, wouldn’t they?
  10. Pretty much the same docs I sent when I filed docs. Pictures, tax docs etc. I was distracted and misjudged the interpretation when I received the interview letter. However, I sent them same day as soon as I got home. We have also a new member in our family which we had bring to the interview too, so she had concerns or doubts by the end of the interview.
  11. We had our interview on Dec 15, 2020 and all went well and lady said she is convinced and approve the green cards. However I had some documents was not printed and ready. She asked me to send them by mail. and than they would approve it. I submitted the missing paperwork within the same week. Since than I have been following up, yet status say : " Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It ". IS this delay related to typical "Covid era delays" or something is awkward? I see I can follow up after 120 days and question the process delay; anybody knows what this process is? Thanks
  12. it has been already a week. will give them a call and hopefully without a long wait
  13. Hello, I have received the MSC numbers and Bio metric appointments for my wife and 2 kids. however one of the kids missing the bio metric appointment letter. I assume it got lost while in transit in USPS? how can I follow up? should I call the customer service? USCIS status update doesn't provide biometric info if it's scheduled.
  14. sent AOS docs last week and I received text (and check cashed) yesterday. My two cents in stacking the forms and supporting documents is that using these color paper dividers. it helps you and the person who will receive and evaluate your application/case.
  15. Hello, When filing for I-485 for wife and separately for kids, am I also supposed to include separate affidavit of support, certified copy of marriage certificate, etc in kids application ?
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