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  1. You could always email them and ask but since the results aren’t that fast you will definitely need to be there more than just the day of the interview. Maybe you could arrange for them to give you an interview 4 or 5 days after the Dr. schedules you for the medical to be safe and stay in BsAs that week before the IV. Do you have any friends whos home you could stay at? Good luck!
  2. Maybe someone else already said this but the Co-Sponsors income is 84K that doesnt mean that is what they declared in taxable income on line 21 of their tax return. You need to look at THAT # not their total annual income. I’m pretty sure that line after deductions, dependants etc isn’t 84K unless they make in the high 6 figures.
  3. Yes, the embassy is going to send you an email with lots of attachments explaining every single paper you need to have copies and originals of for the interview. One of the pages on the attachment is a paper you need to sign that says “Readiness for Interview” my husband grabbed photocopies of All the documents and the readiness paper and he dropped it off personally at the embassy with our names, case # and Visa type in the outside printed. About 3 days after they recieved that is when they finally contacted him through email with the Interview date 2 days later. Good luck!
  4. Yes you do blood tests, xray etc all that same day. She usually gives you the results that very afternoon. In my husbands case, she was missing an STD result so she offered to drop off his results personally at the consulate the next day, which she did. We got an email from the consulate after that confirming that they had his results, no issues.
  5. A birth entry? Do you mean birth certificate? I don’t think it would have to be certified no, but that might depend on the country its from
  6. I had a USCIS Expedite and an NVC expedite. That is the reason. We only took 6 mnths to get his IR1.
  7. We were sent to the Embassy jan7th. Then case ready about a week after that, the interview.
  8. We went with Dra.Grillo. She gave is an appointment for less than 48hours and she gives the test results back that same day. When we went she was missing a result of something so she dropped off the results personally at the embassy the next day. No experience with Kelly sorry
  9. Visa in hand will probably be Monday. Our Embassy takes only 3-4 days to ship. Why?
  10. Our Visa has been issued and I’m leaving Vj since we have no further processing pending of any sort. I wanted to say bye first and thank you all for the info, the company etc you’ve all provided during these months. Try not to get too down about the wait, because Once the USCIS portion is done, I promise the rest is much less waiting around. Have a great year, and I hope you are with your loved ones before the year ends.
  11. I wanted to Update this thread now for posterity. In case anyone were to find themselves in this situation in the future. Once you get the expedite granted you will log into your CEAC and it will say “your petition is now at the embassy...” and the CEAC portal admin will hand it over to the embassy. Which means everything you see on that page after your expedite is the EMBASSY who is generating the content. Do whatever the page asks you to do, read the instructions, upload whatever it asks for etc. Contact the embassy by email too, to let them know you’ve done so and thats it. Good luck to everyone. My husband has his interview tomorrow and with any luck he should be with me and our kids next week. Have a lovely year!
  12. We heard back today, interview in 2 days 😍 wish us luck, he’s already got his plane ticket miles ready to buy the flight next week. So happy I could cry. Good luck to everyone still waiting I hope its as quick for all of you as well, this process is tough
  13. Hey, they did not. My husband showed up at the Embassy on friday and hand delivered everything including the I864s. They told him they would review it and not to “worry about uploading it”. But that was friday morning and no word yet on anything or an email. No idea when he will get an interview, we had an expedite on jan 7th for a good reason and it seems like nothing will get done until this month ends. I’m sad at the lack of communication but hopefully it will be short lived.
  14. I wish I could be there with him..he'll do fine though, perk of being together for over a decade is we've told the story of how we met Ad Nauseum 😆😆
  15. lovely story of how you two met! I might be biased though because I also fell in love with an Ecuadorian. Hope this process proves short for you both.

    1. BarryLovesAdri


      Thanks so much! I just got the text for our NOA1, so I'm currently stoked! I pray you get your approval very quickly as well. Thanks, again!