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  1. Ughh. Inchallah hope you here something soon. Why do they do this!! Make us wait and tell us nothing. But in your case it looks like it's going fast, hang in there couple days! I know you hate to here this but yup just wait!!
  2. Hi, I'm in the same boat. What I heard and I seen in my case if I email the embassy. That very same day the date case changes. And also never here from or no reply.. but what I heard is if the date case changes on it's own without emailing them then they are working on it and hopefully you here some answers soon!!. What documents was you guys missing?
  3. It says same as before interview. With no update dates. Just says ready.
  4. Question. K1, My fiance had his interview on the 28 of March. He got a 221g Blue slip and ask no documents needed and will call my fiance soon as possible. Yes they kept his passport. As of today out case in Ceac says still 'READY' .. when will it change it to AP .??! Or is our case collecting dust on someone's CO DESK?🤔🤔
  5. Hello was wondering if you guys are still in 221g? How is your case going? We are kinda in the same boat.
  6. Hello I know this case had past long time. I'm in this boat now with my fiance and we was given a 221 almost same situation as yours. Was wondering did you guys get approved??
  7. My tax transcripts and returns my fiance had them, and I make way more than the required ment so they did look at that!
  8. Hi, K1 Tunisia here. So my fiance had his interview today, he said everything went well, the Counsler smile to everthing and it went well. But she gave my fiance a blue paper 221g AP .. WHYYYYY. She said she will call my fiance soon as possible to conduct further information and look more at our case. We have more than they ask for documents, pictures everything, I make enough to support. So why this. We should got approved then and there. Anybody got a blue and got approved then?
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