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  1. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    Yh it went to administrative processing for some days before it changed to issued. Not sure how many days on AP. I think you should count from the day after your interview date .
  2. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    Yes finally. It took me 4 weeks after interview to receive it . Such a long and frustrating wait .
  3. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    I sure think so . Sounds like you got your email for pick up ? Did you receive it today ? And how long did it take after your interview?
  4. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    Same boat with you . Issued status for two weeks on the CEAC . Let’s see next week God willing hopefully we will have it in hand 🖐.
  5. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    You can send them an email if you’ve waited over 3 weeks after interview. Once you’ve registered and created that profile on the link they asked you to then you just have to wait and keep your fingers crossed 🤞
  6. Nanak32

    Picking up Visa (Ghana)

    Good for you Ojo, mine also changed to issued on feb 27 but no email to pick up yet . It’s been 2 weeks after interview though so I guess the average time to pick up is the 3 weeks.
  7. Please those who have just gone for their interviews kindly advice . I hear people say the window where they submit the documents are small. My question is if you have a lot of Whatsup chats and you comb bind them , will it fit into the window ? Will they reject if it’s too big ? And also what if your photo album is also very big ? Will they ask you to remove the pictures if your album does not fit into their submission window ? I have grouped my chats from 2016 to 2018 . 2017 is very big and I wonder if it will fit into their window . Kindly advice . See photo attached
  8. Congrats man. More hope for us 😉
  9. Seems those with Case Complete in September 2018 are being scheduled for January 2019 interviews in Ghana. I can see a trend here
  10. I’m sure you’ll hear from them this week. You are almost through with the 90 days maximum for interview date. My CC was October 12 so I guess I have one more month to go that is if NVC is going by their 60 to 90 days rule