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  1. Yes. you definitely need an interpreter if she doesn't speak English. Bring your taxes, health insurance, car insurance, joint account and everything you need to show them that you're ready. It's better to have more evidence. Don't forget pictures too
  2. He answered the RFE. The notice said that he needs to answer and put his signature and send the original copy to them. Make a copy and keep it. But he send the photocopy instead. I don't know what going on to him. Wants to rush everything.
  3. Yes very careless. I actually told him to make an account here so he can seek help in this site. But anyways, I will let you know when I found out the reason for the denial. Thank you
  4. That's ok. My timeline is different from my Inquiry. Im already a greencard holder. I'm just helping a friend here that's why I made this topic.
  5. Exactly. that maybe it the 2year rule. we actually advice him to file earlier but he has his reasons. i will definitely let you know when i found out the reason. thank you
  6. Thank you so much guys for taking time to answer my inquiry here. So, this is the back story of the case. This case is not mine. we are helping a friend with his petition for I-129F or fiance visa. He went to meet his Girlfriend in Philippines Nov. of 2018. Filed divorce 2019 from previous marriage. He filed I-129f Nov. 2020. January 2021 his I-129f Packet was returned to him. The notice says he fails to put his signature on the Petitioner's declaration signature. He then again send the I-129f packet back to USCIS the next day with his signature. March 2021 he received a notice of receipt telling him that they received his case. July 2021 he received an RFE. he fails to check or answer the question (have you ever been arrested). he answered it and mailed it back to the uscis. he said he noticed that he send the photocopy instead of the original RFE that the uscis sent him. i dont know how many days had passed when he realize it. but he did send the original RFE to the USCIS right away. yesterday, he check his case online and it showed case is denied. now he is thinking of hiring a lawyer for this case. i saw some red flags along way. 1st- he fails to put his signature 2nd- he fails to send the original rfe. in this case he needs to go back to the Philippines because the 2years of meeting is already passed due. we still dont know the reason for the denial until he receives the notice. we told him to visit visajourney because this site ready help you find answers. i dont know if he ever visit this site. we just want to help him.
  7. USCIS denied it. It showed in his online status. Still waiting for the notice in the mail.
  8. Don't know yet. They're waiting for the notice to see why their application is denied.
  9. Hello everyone. Is it worth it to hire a lawyer for K1? How's the experience? I need your advice. Thank you
  10. Sorry to hear about the cancellation of your wife's interview. Did they tell you why it was cancelled?
  11. We came on a K1 and K2 Visa. My husband is our sponsor. We are approved for AOS for 2years. Then ROC later on. My question is this. My husband's brother is petitioning his fiancée and he needs a joint sponsor since his income is not sufficient. Is my husband allowed to joint sponsor his brother? We are still on the process of ROC soon. Does it even matter to the USCIS? I highly appreciate your answers.
  12. Hello jsmith2020, Here's my story. I filed for SSN before filing the AOS. That is why I didn't request it on my EAD. Prior to filing the SSN, the agent from SSA told us that we can file the SSN before and after marriage. The SSN will be the same. But she forget to mention that if I use my married name in filing the SSN it will take time because I will wait for the approval of my EAD. We should have filed my SSN on my maiden name. Anyways, after approval of my AOS last march my husband called the SSA again for a hundred times already and told them about our frustration with the system. Imagine filing the SSN August of 2020 and still nothing after march 2021. That is 7months. It's crazy. Finally, we get a hold of someone who knows her job well and let us file the SSN that very moment. So I went for SSN application twice. Well anyways, we finally got our SSN after 2weeks and everything just turned out well. What I learned about this process is to have a lot of patience, trust and have faith in God. And pray alot. Godbless us all.
  13. No biometrics needed for I-131. It's only for I-485 and I-765.
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