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  1. I finally got the letter today that my lawful presence has been verified and I can go get my Drivers license! Woohoo! so off to DPS tomorrow!
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting their Drivers License with the NOA1? I‘m in Texas and my DL process is now in “manual verification“ because they apparently can’t very my lawful presence through SAVE... I already had my biometrics appointment and have all my NOA1s. And in Texas you can only drive with your foreign license for the first 90 days. Meaning as of Saturday I am completely dependent on my husband to drive me everywhere. Is anyone here who has done experience on the time frame for this?
  3. I just got sent back from my biometrics appointment here in Dallas because I didn’t bring my marriage certificate and the name on my German I.D. Doesn’t match my new married name yet and I do t have my Texas Driver License yet... 😑 so do bring your marriage license... especially if you changed your name and don’t have an I.D. Reflecting the new name!
  4. I had my medical for the K1 in Germany. My old scars were no issue. But i brought a signed statement from my doctor confirming that I was healed and was no longer posing a threat to myself (or others).
  5. I never got an email with confirmation. I went through the ustraveldocs site and had only the printout of the appointment confirmation from there. That’s all I needed. I never received an additional email from the embassy (Frankfurt, Germany). I think you are fine. But if you want to be sure maybe message a member on here who recently had an interview in London.
  6. Thank you for all the replies... I guess it makes sense since you have to have in your carry on, just in case they search your luggage at security. thanks for the help.
  7. Hello everyone, i just received my K1 visa packet (hooray for that), and I noticed that a big corner of the envelope is missing. It was cut off. Anyone else had that before? I have never heard of it and because it says it should only by immigration officers it makes me a bit nervous
  8. For me I printed it directly from the website through which I booked the appointment. It has yout info (appointment time, name, type of visa etc) on it and a barcode at the bottom that they scan when you show up for the interview
  9. If you are staying at a hotel see if they can print it out for you at the reception desk. But you definitely need it to get in the consulat
  10. Mine was exactly a week... and it was a nerve wrecking one... 😬 but it felt so good to see the “issued” when it finally appeared. I guess it depends mainly on how busy they are at the consulate at that time... so hang in there.
  11. Wenn du das Interview erst so spät machenwillst dann ja, da brauchst du ne Verlängerung wegen der 4 Monate. So weit ich weiß musst du nur eine E-Mail ans Konsulat schreiben mit ner Begründung https://www.visatutor.com/how-to-extend-your-i-129f-validity/ hier stehen ein paar mehr detaillierte Infos dazu
  12. Can’t go wrong with German engineering... BTW: Frisco is where I’m heading.
  13. Oh yes. I’m so sorry. the gist of the last 2 posts is, that apparently at the moment the K1 visa interview appointments fill up fast. You won’t be able to book one less then 5-6 weeks on advance. And only have a chance to change if it if you coincidentally check in right after someone else canceled their appointment. I had that confirmed via email exchange with the consulate. i saw a proposal in one of the forums of someone saying to put in a earlier then anticipated travel date to help you get an earlier appointment, but that won’t make a difference at least not in Frankfurt. then I just mentioned that I had hoped to be able to fly back with my fiancé, who’s coming to visit me in June, and also that we are having a religious only wedding ceremony on June 20th, so the visa interview appointment makes the days before the wedding more stressful since I travel 4h one way to get to the consulate. also Kürbis and I realized our appointment is on the same day. hope that helps... and I apologize again for switching to German.
  14. Zur Not kann ich meinen Reisetag nach hinten schieben. mein Verlobter kommt halt in der Woche und wir hatten gehofft das wir zusammen zurückfliegen können. Ausserdem werden wir eine kirchliche Trauung in Deutschland machen noch bevor wir rüber gehen und dort rechtlich gültig heiraten und der Hochzeitstermin ist der 20. Juni. Die Woche wird also jetzt noch ein bisschen stressiger für mich. ich hatte auch eine E-Mail and Konsulat geschrieben und die haben mir gestern Nachmittag auch noch geantwortet dass tatsächlich alle Termine voll sind und ich nur schaun kann ob etwas anderes auftaucht wenn jemand absagt. um wieviel Uhr ist denn dein Termin? Meiner ist gleich in der Früh um 7:30
  15. Hi there, im just wondering if anyone has ever been able to reschedule their K1 interview to an earlier date? i was just now approved to schedule an appointment in Frankfurt, Germany and the earliest I got was June 17th. That’s less then 10 days before I was planning on leaving for the US. Anyone had any experience with this? does it even make sense to check back? maybe I should have put in an earlier date in the package 3 for the day I was planning on traveling...
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