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  1. IRA's can only be contributed to with earned income, e.g. your spouse expects to receive a 1099, W2. If she has/will have earned income, either in her foreign country or the USA, you can contribute to an IRA. That being said I think there is an exception for stay at home spouses at least for "normal" US citizen spouses. Look into that, see if it applies to prospective GC holders as well. My advice? Skip the hassle of research, just open an IRA for your spouse when she gets the EAD and gets a job. Since you already applied, she will have it in ~6 months, but definitely before April 15th of 2021 which is the 2020 IRA contribution deadline.
  2. It takes 1-2 weeks to apply and physically get the credit card, then 6 months to get a credit score like mentioned above.
  3. I'm curious how that worked - you did both at the same time, or one after the other? How did this change your credit score? (i.e. was it better to do both vs. just one, in your opinion)
  4. You're being pedantic. To the original point, I suggest that OP and anyone else here should estimate their tax burden and change their withholding to be as accurate as they reasonable can be. Large tax returns are not a good thing. Especially for new workers in the US, they can use all the money they can get, so they absolutely should at least attempt to adjust withholdings to keep more money now.
  5. Piggybacking off what the above users said - go with the authorized user option instead of a secured card. That way, the authorized user can "adopt" your credit score, which is good assuming your score is adequate.
  6. I know this post is a month old but figured I'd add - if you start late in the year, just adjust your withholding. You shouldn't be getting a big tax return, that means you did something wrong. Ideally you file and get $0 back 0 owed... so estimate as best you can with the 2019 withholding charts for your state + federal.
  7. I don't quite remember, sorry. I remember that I typed in some data about myself like date of birth etc. before I went to the payment page. A few days after they received the payment, I was able to schedule an appointment.
  8. Congrats to both of you; I am happy for you that you finally got your interview date! Good luck there!
  9. I looked multiple times per day for available interview dates, since when I looked first, all appointments were already given away to other applicants. Sometimes, people reschedule their appointments and then there is suddenly a free day if you are lucky. I found it the easiest to look at the calendar they provide. Every time when there is a dark blue marked day, there is an available appointment on this day. When they are light blue/grey, there are no appointments available. Note that you can only refresh the page about 8 or so times per day, before the website does not let you continue until the next day.
  10. yes, US passport style. I think they just clarify what the US passport style photo requirements are, since some countries actually have rectangular passport style photos instead of squares.
  11. You have to pay first, before you can schedule an appointment. Note that sometimes there are no free spaces for interview appointments, though, and you can only check 8x or so per day, before the system notifies you that you refreshed the page too often. Then, you have to wait until the next day to get more chances to look at the open dates. They only do it 2-3 months in advance, so the dates tend to be gone quickly, at least for our consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. But eventually, you will get an appointment. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the other questions. Maybe someone else can help. I payed the visa fee via online banking. Don't forget to save the CGI number you'll get.
  12. I agree with what was said above. Just prepare dated letters of intent now, so that you can send them right away in case you get an RFE. Then you don't need to waste time by getting the signature of your spouse, since mail across the ocean takes a few days, and the signature should be real instead of a scan.
  13. If there is a long form available, I recommend to obtain it, since later, for the Adjustment of Status (AOS - when you are finally married to your US fiance) they want a birth certificate that has AT LEAST one parent's name on it, and in my understanding this happens to be for most countries the long birth certificate. I would say though that it is NOT an automatic dismissal if you do not get it before the interview. Just talk to them, then they understand. Good luck with your interview!
  14. Okay, thank you; we read otherwise more often, and people receiving RFEs, because their last year Tax Return did not meet the poverty level. Would the assets specifically listed in 2) be assets they'd accept, as we would feel safer to include them, as we already have them anyway. And do you know if translations for bank statements other than English are required?
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