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  1. That's reassuring! We haven't travelled abroad since I arrived in the US about 3 years ago, so we felt a bit unsure. Thank you for your reply!
  2. Okay, that's a good tip! It didn't occur to me that I might get the ROC NOA1 in time for travelling. If I do; I'll definitely bring it along with the NOA1 I received after filing the I-90. Thank you!!
  3. I just want to point out that the infopass process can be lengthy, since USCIS does not let you make an appointment when you first call them. Instead, you will be told that an officer of your local USCIS office will call you within 30 days. If you miss the call, they will try 1 more time. If you missed the call twice, you will need to call the general USCIS service line again, and you will be put back in the queue. The whole waiting period will start all over. For me, it took more than 2 months to even get an appointment scheduled, since I kept missing the calls due to work and spotty connection. The appointment was about 2 weeks later, so overall I think it took me about 2.5 or maybe 3 months from initially calling USCIS to the actual infopass appointment. Just wanted to share my story, so you won't run into any surprises.
  4. Hey there, My husband (USC) and me (CPR) are planning a 2 week trip to visit family in Germany. From reading previous forum posts, I'm 90% sure that I will be able to travel abroad and come back to the US just fine with only an I-551 passport stamp, but I was hoping someone could give me a piece of mind. 🙄 Backstory: I came here on a K-1 visa; we got married; filed for AOS; received green card. Turns out that our green card had a 10 year validity date, although we were married for less than 2 years at the time we filed for AOS. We sent the green card back to USCIS in June 2021 (filed a free I-90, indicating USCIS error), and since then I don't have a physical green card. We will be filing for ROC this summer and want to go to Germany after we filed. We are planning to travel in September (and be back before October, when my green card would expire - had I received a 2 year green card..). I made an info pass appointment at the local USCIS office back in October 2021, and got an I-551 passport stamp, evidencing permanent residency for 1 year. My understanding is that while my I-90 case is pending, the I-551 stamp in my passport is sufficient to travel internationally and return to the US (as long as I return before October 2022, when the stamp expires and coincidentally also my green card should expire if we get the replacement card in the meantime). Could someone please confirm if this is correct, or if I need any additional documents besides the I-551 stamp + passport to board an airplane and be let back into the US? Do I maybe even need a new I-551 stamp after we filed for ROC, since that happens before we travel? I.e. does filing for ROC change the status of the I-551 passport stamp in any case? Thank you so much!! 😀
  5. Hey there! Any updates on this? Did USCIS already ask for your gc to be sent in? I need to file an I-90 as well to correct a USCIS typo on my greencard. I'm debating if I should apply online or file by paper and send the greencard with it.
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