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  1. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    i-134 Joint Sponsor - Separate Forms?

    Hello, does anyone have any ideas regarding our question? We don't want to file I-134 incorrectly, as we already got so far in our visa process. You would really help us a lot if you gave us your advice on this topic! Many many thanks!
  2. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    Proof of meeting and relationship

    I agree with the other comments that this is way too detailed. What we did though, was a short (!) document where we wrote down the date of our first contact and day of meeting in person, and every dates of when we went on vacation together, since we included pictures of these. We got no RFE; over a week ago, we got NOA-2
  3. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    Chats with dates needed

    not sure if you already did this anyway, but it could be helpful if you used whatsappweb on your computer (you don't have to log on; just go to the website make sure that your cellphone has wifi/data connection, scan the QR code and that's it). This way you can see your chats on a bigger screen and don't need to take as many screenshots as you would have to on your cellphone, since more texts fit on one screenshot.
  4. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    Passport Photos

    Hmm, I remember that my fiance and I took 2x2 passport pictures at Walgreens last summer. This was in Connecticut, so maybe it depends on the state? Idk. However, I think there is also free software online that can assist you to make passport pictures on your own. Wouldn't recommend it though, if you are in a hurry, because I would assume that it might take more than one attempt to make a good passport photo that meets all the requirements. Printing pictures in general should be possible at the shops you mentioned.
  5. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    Yes, you can visit!

    I (beneficiary) went to the US to visit my fiance (sponsor) over Christmas 2018 and I brought so many documents that proved that I have still bonds to Germany. For example my work contract, the exam plan of my university, an immatriculation certificate (since I am still a student) etc. as well as pictures of my fiance and me, a copy of our I-129f and NOA-1 (these were the visa documents we had so far). The plane landed in Boston Logan and I was super nervous when it was my turn to talk to the officer at customs. He looked at my passport, asked me whom I am visiting and if I had any food in my bag. I replied to everything and prepared to show him all of my evidence that I would return to Germany, but he just said "Have a nice day." I was so happy that I wished him a merry Christmas He didn't even want to see any of my documents. Super easy.
  6. We recently received our NOA2 and were trying to prepare all the consulate documents ahead of time. I do not make enough $ to be the sole sponsor, so we will be using a joint sponsor. We will be using the Frankfurt Consulate in Germany. I am very confused about how a joint sponsor works for the i-134: do they need to fill out an entirely different i-134 then sign it, or do I just print out two of the same i-134's that have MY information and have both my signature on one of my i-134's and a signature on a second i-134 from the joint sponsor? Which is it? Here's from the visajourney FAQ, but the writing is awfully confusing. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Kürbis&Tannenbaum

    moving during the K1 and greencard process

    This is way more simple that I thought. Thank you
  8. Hello, We have 2 general questions about moving and K1. We put our intended address X on the I-129f, where we think we will live when I come to the US. We assume that if my fiancé moves somewhere else during the K1 process we can just fill out some form with the new address and send it to USCIS. However, what is if he has to move after they granted me the K1 visa but before I go to the US? (In the 6 months period in which the visa is valid.) And a related question: is it allowed to move during the adjustment of status process while waiting for the greencard; maybe even a few times due to a rotational program? Or do we have to stay at X until we receive the green card? Thank you for your help!
  9. the fee is 535 we are using the form that expired 08/31/18, because the new form is not uploaded yet and uscis said on their website that the old form may be used until the new one is uploaded. So we are hoping that everything goes well and that they don't upload the new one the day we sent our petition
  10. alright, this is what we were hoping for. Thank you!!
  11. that was quick. Thank you!
  12. Hello, we are about to send our I-129f this weekend. Is it okay to have a check not from the petitioner, but from someone else (for example petitioner's parent) ? Many thanks for quick help!!
  13. How does this work to provide receipts of restraurants and hotels? We went to 3 different hotels, but I booked everything, so there was always only my name on it and "guest" or "1 other person" - same also for train tickets. And tickets of events like a Tennis Cup, there were no names at all. Thanks for your help
  14. Then, I guess we can pack the bank statements without translation - or would you suggest to not provide them, since they might say "we deny you, because you did not translate every document that was not in English"? Unfortunately, my fiancé (American) didn't get any passport stamp when he returned to the US from Germany (he was here for 1 year, so he has some German visa statement in his passport which we can provide) - do you know if not having a passport stamp is a lack of evidence of this certain date? I came with him to the US and returned 3 weeks later; I got a stamp. The other thing is that for this flight we did an online check in and printed the boarding passes at home, which is not such a card like you get at the airport, but it is essentially a normal paper size. There is not really anything that says that he actually travelled back to the US, although he did. People could print these boarding passes and then just not board the plane. Tags of the suitcases? Oh no, I threw out the one from last year a couple of weeks ago... I still have the one from the trip this summer, though. did you include your letters of intent to marry within 90 days after the beneficiary enters the US?
  15. Many thanks to your answer; it was really helpful! I will remember the tip of copying also the back of the birth certificate, even though it is blank. I'm learning so much today here. I have a question about the statement about expenses for the trip: we booked almost everything from my german bank account, so it would not be enough to just put a copy of my bank record with the other documents (boarding pass, etc.) - we would need a translation for it, I guess (since it is in German)? But on the other hand, numbers are internationally understood... hmm