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  1. How long did it end up taking for you to receive the visa? Thanks!
  2. Hi! My wife was just approved for her CR-1, but there is much ambiguity about her ability to "exit." Has anyone with a CR1 or IR1 visa recently (within the last 30 days) exited via NAIA, and if so, what hassles (if any) did you encounter? Thanks!
  3. You can also read the comments on our timeline to get clarification. 😉
  4. I've already answered this question on my other posts. All you have to do is look at my profile and read the other post. Good luck! (I have a personal policy of not responding to questions that I've already answered in other posts, because it's very easy to just review the answers by looking at my other posts. Not trying to be rude, but don't want to repeat myself. You're probably the 80th person to ask me how we did it.)
  5. Thank you! I was not there for the interview as they literally gave us 48 hrs notice. From what I understand, they're not allowing spouses in for the interviews. I believe they used to do this before, because when I was there to get my affidavit to get married, I saw spouses. But, both the correspondence they sent to us pre covid and for this one indicated that the only person they would allow in was the applicant.
  6. Found your old post. My Wife just got approved and we'll be traveling through DTW on July 25th. Tell your Hubby to be on the lookout for us and say hi! ❤️
  7. Yes. I believe this is because a fiancee is not a spouse and per the proclamation, fiancees are not allowed in. Keep pushing! Your day will come! I promise. ❤️
  8. SO EXCITED! Wifey was approved in MNL on a surprise Expedited Appointment for her CR-1 today. Counsul told her FOUR weeks until delivery (possibly due to COVID,) but I'm sure we'll see it sooner than that. SUPER STOKED!
  9. See timeline (and all heavy notes listed there) for context. 6/29 I submitted an e-mail inquiry to the Embassy asking about potential reopening dates and if spouse/family visas would be prioritized in light of the Presidential Proclamations, etc. 6/29 10AM Received form letter email back from Embassy saying they were still closed, reopening unknown, etc. - But to provide case information for "quick resolution" when they *DID* reopen 6/29 8:37PM Responded and provided requested info. 6/29 8:46PM Wife (Beneficiary) called me to tell me that the Embassy had just called her and set her up for an interview on 7/02. (!!!!!!!!!!) 6/29 (Later) Received written email confirmation indicating that our "request for an expedited interview" had been approved with the date and time. (We didn't ask for this, but are certainly glad.) Of note, one of the questions they asked in the auto response was the date of her medical, which was in February (therefore expiring in August.) Perhaps the upcoming expiration of that medical prompted them to consider an expedite. Either way, we're excited, nervous, but ready. We've been ready. I'll update as the situation warrants. We owe a great debt of gratitude to many folks in this forum who have provided guidance and insight - albeit sometimes more comical than useful. Thank you.
  10. YES! Google Meet? LOL @ "Asking For A Friend"
  11. I don't believe that visa-info.com is an official government source. I'd check with an official source before making any judgement.
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