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  1. UPDATE: Received the following email this morning: Immediately went on to USTraveldocs website and successfully booked an interview slot on May 4 at 6:35am: I'll keep you updated. But yes, you can reschedule a CR1 on the USTravelDocs online web portal - at least for Manila.
  2. Have you tried to check your appointment on the USATRAVELDOCS website? If your appointment is listed, you should be able to cancel it manually and reschedule a new one.
  3. As far as I understand it, if you're paying ~$20, or $0 for the coverage, the plan is being subsidized by the government and falls under public charge. If you are paying something closer to what a typical plan would cost ($250-$300+month,) it's likely that the plan is NOT subsidized and isn't considered public charge.
  4. UPDATE: (This is for MNL Embassy. Unsure about others.) I've been logging on to the CGIFederal (USATRAVELDOCS) site to try to see the appointment situation. Today, there has been a change. Our appointment is still scheduled, but they have removed ALL ability to schedule appointments for the future. The calendar doesn't even display. I did confirm that our current appointment is still booked, but we'll see what happens.
  5. Hi! I actually thought the same thing as you... only NVC can schedule appointments for Immigrant Visas, however, I was corrected. Here's how: Our original date was February 7th, which was only about two-weeks after it was scheduled. Because Manila typically allows US Citizen Spouses to join the applicant at their interview, I wanted to fly out and couldn't do so with such short notice. I emailed the Embassy to ask about rescheduling, and they directed me to the USATravelDocs website where I found that I could, indeed, reschedule the appointment right on there. There is an option for scheduling Immigrant Visa interviews there and print the confirmation. We successfully rescheduled to March 30th. (But it has been canceled and we have rescheduled again.) I was just as surprised as you seemed to be that this was an option, but apparently, the NVC is only responsible for scheduling the very FIRST appointment, somewhat as a courtesy, because they are able to "jump the line" for available slots not publicly available via the website. But, for those who need to reschedule (for whatever reason,) using the website is what the Embassy directed us to do. Hope that helps anybody else in the same boat.
  6. Hi! Anybody who may have had an appointment scheduled at an Embassy that is now closed/delayed due to COVID-19 may find this helpful. We were notified that our appointment was canceled due to the virus and that they would reach out via e-mail. Who knows how long THAT will take and/or in what order they will do so. So, on a whim, I logged into the visa appointment system (ustraveldocs.com) and although there were no appointments near our originally scheduled appointment, I *WAS* able to schedule, and confirm, an appointment in late April. Get 'em while they're hot, folks - before everybody else snatches them up and the next thing you know you're waiting until November. Perhaps I'm wrong - but so far, so good.
  7. You're not a Green Card Holder or LPR until after you've been successfully admitted to the US on a valid immigrant visa... So if you haven't entered for the first time on that visa, you're not a LPR yet. But, once you enter, the CBP officer stamps your passport, which serves as your temporary green card (LPR status) until your actual physical card comes in the mail. From what I understand, you typically have up to six months after your visa is issued to enter the United States. Keep in mind though, that your medical must still be valid on whatever date you enter, so, depending on when you did your medical (often we do them months prior to our Visa interview,) you may have to refresh it. At least that's my understanding. Keep us posted and good luck! But yes, as above poster mentioned, since you're a Spouse, you should be able to enter without any issues. *Remember to bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate.*
  8. Just in case (our interview is March 30,) we completed the form, uploaded it to CEAC, and also included proof of health insurance. We'll bring the originals to the Interview, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry, and the form literally took about 7-8 minutes from start to finish. Good luck!
  9. Update: This was upheld @ US Supreme Court and is effective Feb 24
  10. Our interview is in MNL on March 30th (after rescheduling from Feb 7.) Just wanted to chime in to advise that, just to be on the safe side, we completed the DD-5540 and uploaded it to CEAC, along with proof of health insurance.... just in case. We don't know who will be required to provide the info yet, but we would rather be proactive and get it on there and bring it, than not have it and need it. For what it's worth: CEAC has specific doc types now for the DD-5540 and health insurance proofs. I'll advise what happens at the Interview.
  11. Received our Packet 3 email with detailed instructions on what my Wife should bring for her CR1 interview. Surprisingly, they did NOT check the boxes for any of the Affidavit of Support docs, tax returns, wage statements, etc. We've prepared a large folder of all these docs (that we'll take anyway,) but the letter says they only want her original civil docs (marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate, NBI (police,) and that's it.)) Just thought this was a bit strange, since everything I'm reading says that they'll want to review all of this. Perhaps they're getting more eco friendly and just reviewing it on CEAC and not requiring paper copies? Any insight?
  12. WHOO HOOO!!!! Just received our email with our interview schedule! Interview Scheduled For FEB 07 2020 @ Manila. We'll probably reschedule because we want to both be present (apparently they allow this in Manila,) so I'll keep everybody updated. VERY NERVOUS, BUT HAPPY, TOO! FYI: NVC Case Completed: JAN 06 2020 NVC All Docs Submitted: NOV 15 2019 NOA2: SEP 12 2019 NOA1: MAR 13 2019
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