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  1. How long NVC takes to review the documents after resubmission. My case was reviewed after 28 days and one document was rejected. I resubmitted it same day. How long it will take now?
  2. Hello...


    I have a question. Hope you can help. Has NVC asked you the tax return or they ask you the tax return transcript??

    1. Anj4492


      They want tax return + (tax return transcript or w2)

    2. YasArr


      So if we have tax return + w2.. so we are fine.. right?

    3. Anj4492
  3. What was the last Case completion date scheduled for interview at Mumbai? #CR1
  4. Congratulations....!!! Very happy for you How long it took for your case to reach NVC and how long for case creation?
  5. You will get it soon, wait for a week... Many congratulations 🎉🎉🎈🎉💙
  6. How many days of wait at every stage is expected post i130 approval. For ex- reaching NVC, case creation, payment link, documents uploaded, etc
  7. You can receive it anytime now. Or call service center and ask for status. These days there are numerous cases where they have approved but online update/mail was delayed due to XYZ reasons.
  8. Many congratulations.. it's a positive sign for all October guys.. Thanks a lot for sharing...
  9. I see the processing time updated to 8 to 10 months however till yesterday it was 6.5 to 8.5 months. It's going backward with time and this way we will never be able to touch the priority dates and can raise enquiry. PD - 19th Oct, Texas SC
  10. Many many congratulations... PD : October 19,2018 Texas service center. Still waiting...,,,
  11. Seriously, this time is so tough. I have not seen my husband yet after wedding. Our chance will come but this wait is unbearable...:(
  12. Thanks for your words. I have no other option rather waiting for my turn...
  13. I am seeing that TSC is not progressing for October and September for long time. I have seen only 2-3 approvals in last few weeks which is really disappointing me. Getting mails saying expected date of approval as June end which always gets extended by a week. Am I checking it wrong? I have no way to expedite and visit visa declined. This is really getting difficult for me. Need positivity to hold myself... it's so tough
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