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  1. This thread is quite old but I am glad to receive an informative reply. I see that you too are from Romania and have gone through the K1 process. Have you managed to register your marriage? Honestly I have struggled to properly understand the needed procedure and it has been about two years since my marriage. I had resolved that I would fix everything next time I visit Romania (most likely will be a US citizen by then) because I simply could not wrap my head around who is legally allowed to do the translation and what exactly needs translated. With Covid, there seems to be some leniency on late registrations but at this point I wish to just solve this. I would appreciate your help a lot, my efforts to contact the GA Honorary Romanian consulate have been in vain, I never received an answer to any of my emails. EDIT: After reading the linked article a second time I have a better idea of what is needed. Would still love to hear clarifications on what an "Affidavit related with the assets matrimonial regime" is, as my google searches do not seem to turn up what I am looking for
  2. The process you are going through is normal. Every case goes though administrative processing before the visa is issued. Do not go crazy over status changes. Chances are, in the next couple days you will see anything from "Ready" to "Refused" and finally to "Issued". "Refused" is not what it sounds like, it is simply another term that they use temporarily as they go through administrative processing. The only status you should care for is "Issued". Other than that, it's sadly still a waiting game. You are nearly at the end of the k-1 process. Hang in there.
  3. That is helpful. I did look around for whether I can use my old passport still, it is quite nice to know it won't be a hassle. I've found a thread mentioning it but it was something like a 2009 or so thread so I did not know if that still applies. I will most likely stick with that for now. Thank you for giving me a better temporary solution than trying to jump through loops I do not understand.
  4. Perhaps I am using the wrong term. Long story short, we married in the states and as a result I changed my last name and my green card is in my new name. In order to get a new passport in my new name I need them to have my marriage records and register (transcribe perhaps?) my marriage in the country's database.
  5. Although I am not expecting much, I thought I'd try posting here anyway. Has anyone had a successful experience registering their marriage while not in their home country? The official instructions are a little headache-inducing, with contradicting statements in a couple places. From what I am gathering, the two documents that would need apostilled are my husband's birth certificate and our marriage certificate (long form). That part was easy. The not so easy part is wrapping my head around the requirements for legal translation. From their website, I have gathered that they CAN do translations, but in another section they say they no longer do them unless it is for emergency travel. So the requirements for having the translation done elsewhere are even more confusing: once the documents have the apostille, you are supposed to get a legal translation of both the documents and the apostille, then notarize it and then apostille the notary signature??? That makes very little sense to me, but it was all information found on the website, although the language used is very oddly worded and difficult to understand. So has anyone successfully dealt with registering their marriage with a country that is a member of the Hague Convention? It is my understanding they all have similar requirements. I have tried to contact the Romanian consulate with no luck and so far I have simply concluded that I may have to wait until I naturalize and go back to Romania to clear it all up in person.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it! After digging around I've come to a similar conclusion but it's nice to have someone else agree. I guess I am too wary of anything with the word "assistance" in the name.
  7. First of all, I apologize if this question is not in the right place as I was unsure where exactly I should post this. Onto the matter at hand- I've been dealing with a medical condition for the better half of this year and it has taken this long to get it under control. Although under control now, at my doctor's recommendation, I've started looking into a specific drug which would greatly reduce the hassle of dealing with my condition. My doctor also recommended that I sign up for their patient assistance program, for which many qualify. To my understanding, it is something that the pharmaceutical company themselves offer to privately insured patients. However, I am not sure if accepting such assistance qualifies as "public charge"? I have temporarily declined until I've done my due diligence but I would like to also ask the same question here, seeing as how someone else might have clearer answers. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and answer. Everyone here has always been a great help. 🙂
  8. Thank you for your input. I will definitely do my best to have updated documents on me in case they will be requested. Other than that, there is not much to do other than restart the process once everything is ok (if things go sour) so I will not expect anything. I am very grateful to everyone in this thread.
  9. Honestly? I am not sure. I am super paranoid and anxious about the whole thing and I just assumed it could cause troubles. Glad to know otherwise. I guess the whole mantra of "be truthful but do not volunteer" did not stick well enough.
  10. I did consider that as a technicality, however it sounds to me like it might end up in the misrepresentation territory. I am not sure and would certainly want others to comment on it, but it feels like playing with fire.
  11. Thank you for your prompt reply, I definitely have a better idea of what to expect. We have yet to look into purchasing health insurance. Everything went down only two days ago without warning and we are still trying to sort it out. I've been trying to do my part and get myself informed as much as possible but there is still a lot for us to figure out.
  12. My AOS has been pending since July 2019. We received an RFE for our marriage certificate (I assume they lost the one we sent initially) and they got it on October 18. Since then, it's been silent and that was completely within expectations. The problem occurs here. This week, my husband got laid off from his job of 11 years. It absolutely blindsided us and it ruined a couple plans, putting us in unsteady territory. I am sure this is not just our situation, as the pandemic hit hard, but we would like to understand what comes next. We will not have a joint sponsor so that is not a route that we can take. With that in mind, I would like to understand a couple things: 1. If he were to find another job in the next month that pays enough to put us over the threshold of 125% of the poverty line, would we still be ok as long as we present to the interview with an updated affidavit of support or is the case compromised due to the gap in employment? 2. Although highly unlikely, if we get scheduled to an interview too quickly for our situation to stabilize, what are the steps we need to take? Show up to the interview anyway? Withdraw the petition and reapply once everything is more stable? 3. Would not having health insurance automatically cause our case to be denied even if we meet the income requirement? Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to this, I really appreciate it. The stress is really high but that is just generally the state of the world at the moment so I hope everyone hangs in there.
  13. We are July 19. You are sadly within processing times. We received a weird RFIE for our marriage certificate (although we sent a certified copy) in October and it has been radio silence ever since. Not even ready for interview. Mileage will vary and there is nothing we can do but wait.
  14. Everyone else already answered but I have two things to add myself. One, we have done k-1 and are now in the AOS process without a lawyer. If you do your research, you will be fine. Keep yourself informed and don't let yourself get comfortable with future steps such as ROC (made that mistake for AOS... not again). It's not that difficult, everything is DIY if you have a straightforward case. Two. I actually know 3 people that are/were in the process of immigration with a lawyer. It only aided one person, whom had a conviction on their record (the US petitioner). For the other two... although they were straightforward cases but from high risk countries, one of them "took 4 years" (!!!! This just screams scam to me) after which his foreign fiancee gave up and broke up with him. The other one, he was told "it will be other 6 months until the case gets a reply".... although they have petitioned 1 year some ago. That seems shady and sounds like the lawyer sent their files late or incorrect and sat on a RFE and the "estimate" sounds like lies. People tend to trust lawyers a bit too much and not every lawyer knows what they are doing.
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