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  1. Everyone else already answered but I have two things to add myself. One, we have done k-1 and are now in the AOS process without a lawyer. If you do your research, you will be fine. Keep yourself informed and don't let yourself get comfortable with future steps such as ROC (made that mistake for AOS... not again). It's not that difficult, everything is DIY if you have a straightforward case. Two. I actually know 3 people that are/were in the process of immigration with a lawyer. It only aided one person, whom had a conviction on their record (the US petitioner). For the other two... although they were straightforward cases but from high risk countries, one of them "took 4 years" (!!!! This just screams scam to me) after which his foreign fiancee gave up and broke up with him. The other one, he was told "it will be other 6 months until the case gets a reply".... although they have petitioned 1 year some ago. That seems shady and sounds like the lawyer sent their files late or incorrect and sat on a RFE and the "estimate" sounds like lies. People tend to trust lawyers a bit too much and not every lawyer knows what they are doing.
  2. You are absolutely within normal processing times for your NOA1. It took us almost an entire month and some have waited over a month. I am assuming that they are simply backlogged.
  3. Although our situation is different, I think you should not stress. We were estimated one month for it to be issued when I first applied for it. The month had passed, we married but there was no SSN in sight. So we went back to the office to inquire. They told us to give it another 2 weeks. So we did. 1.5 months after I applied, we went there again. First, they could not find me by my name (I have ONE first name separated by a hyphen and people do not know how to deal with it). When they did find me, it turned out my SSN was issued- but we did not receive the card. Turns out, the first time that we applied, the person at the office accidentally omitted our house number from the address. We couldn't receive it because of it. The second person that checked it for us apparently missed it too, as did we. It was a massive facepalm moment. 2 months after applying, I finally had my SSN card and was a lot more stressed. As for the work part, it is why you need EAD. You can file for it free if you send it at the same time as your AOS package. Applying for AP is also free if you send it with the AOS. Highly suggest you apply for them, not only because they are free with the AOS but also because in order to have a state id/driver's license, you are required to have an EAD. Or at least, such is the case in Georgia.
  4. Thank you so so much for your in-depth explanation, I really appreciate it. It makes so much more sense now that they "misplaced" our marriage certificate since it could have been nothing but human error when answering the questions. It looks like I have to do way more research on this process and not doing so in the first place is my fault (should not have assumed that they are similar). You have put my anxiety to rest.
  5. Thank you very much, you have put my mind at ease. Looks like I have not lurked around the forum enough to realize that. It definitely caught me off guard and I panicked, making a thread before doing more research. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  6. We filed for AOS late June and the biometrics were done in mid August. We expected radio silence until next year while we get our things together... but unexpectedly today there was an RFE in the mail. The RFE is asking for our marriage certificate- which is quite strange, given that we submitted it already with the original package but alright. They must have lost it so we will send another. No big deal. However, it came as a surprise that an RFE was sent so soon, especially considering the general timeline. It gets me slightly anxious as I feel we do not yet have enough proof of cohabitation (only bills, insurance and an affidavit from MIL who lives with us is what we have so far, having issues with the bank account) and I would like to know what the general experiences are when it comes to RFE to interview timelines. Also, how often does it happen for them to misplace documents?
  7. The age difference should not matter much if you have plenty of face time (meaning in person time spent together). My husband is 10 years older than me and we were good. As for his age, he is also nothing out of the ordinary. Personally I am 22 (21 at the start of our petition). The parent part could be something that the CO will ask about. During our interview, I was asked if I ever met my now MIL. Whether it could influence your case negatively or not, honestly it might be up to the interviewing officer's discretion. I do not think there are specific guidelines for this situation, I would probably get around it by taking pictures together with friends and your fiance's family so it does not look like you are hiding him from those important to you (warning: do not make it look like an engagement party, I am not aware of Taiwanese customs but some couples have been deemed "too married" for a k-1 due to engagement pictures. I am not sure if the "too married" thing is applicable to you as gay marriage is not legalized in either Taiwan nor Japan but I would not risk it). This answer is only based on my personal experience but I hope others can chime in.
  8. They usually do not reject your application at this point unless you are missing very important documents (so that it looks like an incomplete "placeholder" petition) or if you send them the wrong amount of money. Congrats, you have started your K-1 journey. It will take a couple more months for the petition to be adjudicated and approved. I highly suggest you read the guides on this site, they are incredibly helpful when it comes to what to expect next.
  9. Honestly, I would not get my hopes up that the AP will be issued in time. You'd have to be incredibly lucky for that to happen. But again, luck is not unheard of either so I cannot really tell you for sure.
  10. My initial thought of it being credit card related seems to be wrong. I would check if the money order was used- on my paper NOA which I have received yesterday, the date they consider as my receipt date is the 19th, a full week before I received it. The text from them also came July 22nd instead of the 19th when they allegedly processed it so I would not rely on it. If the money does not seem to have been processed, I think you should poke them and give them some calls to see what they suggest. But another poster here said it is not unusual for the AOS NOA to be delayed and even take 2 months at a time... It's stressful but out of our control... I hope you hear something very soon...
  11. I posted a bit earlier, we got our text with our case number yesterday. But do not freak out. You might get an answer this week. If you do not hear anything by Friday, I'd suggest calling them to inquire if they know anything and wait some more. As someone has pointed out, it seems that they are sometimes late when it comes to sending the AOS NOA, taking 1 to 2 months.
  12. Got our text NOA today! Good luck to everyone that is still waiting. They are definitely working on it, they are just slow.
  13. We are still anxiously waiting. There is not much to do afterall. We just hope to hear something by next week.
  14. We sent ours with USPS. Rather than the sender, I start to believe it is something about using credit card since absolutely all the slow NOAs I seem to hear about are all credit card.
  15. Those are amazing news, surely the NOA will come in a couple days. Seeing as they received our packages only a couple days apart, I am no longer worried. As long as they have not lost it, I am all good.
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