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  1. I have checked to see if that was the case, sadly it is not. I was told that they were not available while I had my medical, however on the form they seemed to have checked "K visa applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination"...... either way, as I thought, I am indeed missing some.
  2. I am extremely grateful that I asked the question here before doing anything. We will definitely file ASAP so that I will not enter the "out of status" loop for no good reason. Will definitely follow your example as well. As someone above pointed out, immigration takes a lot of things including planning and we messed up on that but luckily it is not too late. It initially seemed slightly ridiculous to me that they are cracking down on legal immigration when you've already met the requirement of marriage, but it only makes sense now that I've thought about it and it is not funny in the least.
  3. Sorry, I have clarified above that I was referring to us putting off the trip for seeing a civil surgeon rather than a regular doctor. Bad phrasing, I should have been more clear from the start. However it seems that that might not be necessary at the moment anyway!
  4. Hello! I have already applied and thankfully we finally have been issued it! 🙂 I am glad we applied for it when we did because it took a long time for it to be issued due to errors on the office's side.
  5. I was not aware of this at all. I will now have to do further research. Thank you so much for pointing it out! I was told before that not sending everything together with the application would complicate and slow down the process. It seems I was wrong and need some fact checks. I am really grateful for you guys pointing it out. If i can just bring it to the interview, we'd be ready to send the application in by very early next week.
  6. Sorry for not being clear enough in my explanation! What I was talking about was the civil surgeon visit along with getting 2 more vaccines.
  7. I was actually referring to getting the transcription of records that must be done by a civil surgeon, along with me getting 2 more shots that were not available in Romania to meet the requirements. In order to not get ripped off, we are to travel quite a bit and we unwisely put it off for too long. Although we did have other issues too that luckily got resolved this week concerning my SSN. We applied two weeks in but the office kept messing up and even at this date we did not receive my card (all the fuss turned out to be the office's mistake because they omitted our house number in the address....) but we finally got them to give us the number itself (luckily it got issued) so that got solved. One civil surgeon visit and we should be good to go! We will apply asap and my status should be all good.
  8. You are exactly right and I am to blame for lowering my guard after visa in hand. Bad move, lesson learned. We will solve it within next week and apply and it should be fine, although it will be rather last minute.
  9. Hahahah my apologies. I did browse through the history quickly but I did not find the answer to my question and perhaps I should have searched for longer. I am well documented on how to file, but I did not have the knowledge on this topic in particular. I hope you do not find it overly irritating. 🙂
  10. Thank you everyone for clearing this up! It is the doctor appointment that is making us cut it close but it looks like we should hurry up. Thank you for all your replies 🙂
  11. Hello friends! Getting straight to the point, I remember reading something about this but I do not seem to find any mention of it at the moment. I am here on a K-1 visa, set to expire July 2nd. We have already met the requirement and have married May 14th, however I seem to be slightly confused on when it is still alright to apply for the AOS. Will it cause us issues if we were to apply for it past July 2nd or are we supposed to apply before the visa itself is set to expire?
  12. I recently entered through Atlanta. I had to sit and wait for my name to be called for longer than what the "interview" was. I was asked: "Do you speak English?" "You have until July to get married, are you aware that you can file for EAD along with your AOS?" And that was it. I was wished a nice day and we went on our way.
  13. This topic hits just so close to home that I had to reply. "Manage" is a big word and the distance is brutal. My fiance and I saw each other last June for 2 weeks and that was it. Our circumstances make it so he cannot take off more than 2 weeks a year and I do not qualify for a tourist visa. The process has been long and absolutely excruciating, now we are finally at the stage where the case has reached the embassy, only for me to realize I am missing a very important document (certificate that shows I am unmarried) and the wait for that is 1 month to 1.5 months. It's the very end of the journey yet another month sounds like an impossible stretch by now. But there is nothing that can really be done. As hard as it is, time is still passing even when it feels like it does not. Not obsessing over the time left helps a lot, although it is a hard thing to do. There is a limit to what video calls and daily texts can do as well, but in the end you just have to grit your teeth and try to distract yourself. This is actually why some relationships fail in this stage. The time away and the distance can affect you a lot: you may physically miss important events in each other's life, you may miss special occasions due to mismatched schedule (e.g. Valentine's coming up tomorrow) and overall you will not have someone to hug when it all gets hard or when you are bursting with happiness. That's horrible, but it is temporary. It is a couple months versus you being able to spend the rest of your lives together. A tough process but a bargain in disguise. All of us going through this and putting up with the pain are quite lucky. We believe we have found someone special, so special that we plan to share every part of the future together. Some people never manage to find anyone that they connect with in such way for the entirety of their lives. So in my opinion, it's totally worth it. Perhaps I am a romantic and I have an overly positive mindset. But perhaps a little bit of that is required in order to put up with the loneliness. With that in mind, for my fiance and I, our next meeting is once this process is over with. It could be April, it could be May. Either way, I am saving up feeling for the biggest, most emotional hug in the world and I foresee we will both sob our eyes out at the airport haha. Good luck to everyone and hang in there.
  14. Hello. I would also like to add... I would not do my medical until I knew I was ready to finish the process. I say this because one of your comments sounded as if you'd like to do the medical but postpone the interview. Someone may correct me but the exam results are only good for 6 months after it was done. And unless you want to do another for the AOS, I think you should hold off? Again. If this is misinformation, I hope someone will correct me but that is what I understood from doing all my research.
  15. Hello guys! I am extremely excited, NOA2 notification received today. It feels amazing to know that the longest part of this process is finally over with. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. Part of me was expecting an RFE but it was not the case. The new website still shows received but the old website has been updated with the approval. NOA1: 3rd of August 2018 NOA2: 10th of January 2019 Good luck for everyone else still waiting!! May the approvals come pouring in!
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