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  1. That’s me! I have the same CC date. I really want to call nvc and ask when did they schedule interviews for last month. I think there are just so many applicants that we didn’t get in or that’s what I’m hoping. Inshallah we get something this week. If not then it’s another month. ☹️
  2. My PD is also Sep 2018 and CC on May16,2019.I think we are on the same boat.

    1. naz94


      Yea. Did you receive anything yet?

    2. Mahfuz


      Not yet. I did submit all of  documents May15 and CC and received "Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case becoming Documentarily Qualified" on May 16.But still waiting  for IL.

  3. Today marks 55 days since CC. Still waiting for IL 😔 PD: Oct 12th 2018 CC: May 14th 2019 Dhaka Bangladesh Embassy My birthday and our marriage anniversary both fall in August and by the looks of it I’ll be celebrating it alone this year. Was really hoping that hubby would have received an IL last month but nothing. Praying this week shines a light on us all inshallah.
  4. You waited long enough during the NVC stage so it’s great that you already got an interview. Because some people got IL during the early morning I always woke up and checked my email. Yesterday was 1 month from CC and nothing. Kinda disappointed but I have a feeling I’ll get something early next week. Fingers crossing that it will be soon. And hope you guys have a smooth process.
  5. Yayyyy! Congrats. You got an interview really quick after CC! You deserve it. Lol. Was the email time in America? Or your spouses time zone?
  6. Quick question! Im trying to put together some social media screenshots of my hubby and I relationship. I realized that he didnt use his legal name but used a family nickname instead for his social media accounts. Will the officers look at his name and ask questions or could he just explain that its his nickname?
  7. Wow that’s awesome. Man you got lucky. Maybe our spouses interview date will be on the same day.
  8. Congrats! It’s 4:35am ET so I’m surprise that they sent an IL. Hoping for more interview dates today!
  9. Yea. The first time I had to resubmitted requested documents it took them 3 weeks to review and give me case complete.
  10. You should check past DR timelines. And check how long it takes to get an IL from CC. For my country it’s a minimum of 1 month most of the time.
  11. Not yet. The 14th will be 1 month from case complete. Hoping for a IL this week and hoping for interview in July. My birthday and 1st anniversary is in August. Best wishes.
  12. Oh ok gotcha. Well sometimes the system takes a while to update. I’ve had emails sent to me saying to check my messages but nothing was there. Then couple hours later got the same email again and check and there was 3 unread messages.
  13. Hey Naz

    I think you will receive interview date very soon.By the way  I want to know one thing about  DS-260 there are a question "Do you have  documentation to establish that you  have received  vaccinations in accordance with U S Law?" What is the right answer yes or No.

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    2. naz94


      @Pavel1982 they mean prior to doing your medical examination. If the beneficiary has vaccination documents then the examiner can omit certain vaccinations because it was administered prior. If you do not then the medical examiner will give the beneficiary the proper vaccinations needed based on age.

    3. Pavel1982


      @ naz94,   it's a grey area . It depends on how you interpreted the question. I would say both yes or no..right answer. You got CC with answering NO and I got CC with answering Yes. They only check proof of vaccination (which are included in medical report) during interview not before that

    4. naz94


      @Pavel1982 right exactly. The proof of vaccinations is so the medical examiner knows what vaccinations are needed or not during the time of the examination. Best of luck regardless. 

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