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  1. Did you happen to call NVC? Calling was the best way to reach them for me. And as for the wrong consulate. If you put that his permanent address is Australia then they chose Australia as his interview location. Call NVC first since they still have your case file. Once it gets sent to Australia then it will be harder to sent it to another country I bet. Best of luck.
  2. Alhamdulilah congratulations to you and your wife! I hope the other few who has interviews this month also has or will have good news coming their way! Your wife should be getting an email very soon. Or whichever email you used for registering document pickup. I used mines so I got the email and forwarded the email to hubby. If it’s saying being processed for delivery then it shouldn’t be too long. Maybe by today (Thursday in BD) you’ll hear something. The office is closed on Friday and Saturday so if not by today then most definitely by Sunday. I know the office opens at 9am-4pm. I got the email around 11:10pm EST (9:10am Bangladesh time)
  3. I married my husband last year. Prior to this year I was studying as a student and also worked part time. So my 2018 taxes were low but I had additional income that made me over the 125% poverty guideline. Nonetheless, after coming back from getting married I eventually started working two jobs to ensure that my current income is high enough in case they did not accept my additional income. I showed paystubs and employment letters. I’ve seen and heard many bangladeshi’s that was stuck in AP because joint sponsor already sponsored someone else, there income is too low, too many dependents etc. basically all I’m saying is try and get another part time gig to make up the difference. It was difficult for me but I had to make it work. Dhaka embassy scrutinizes joint sponsors. They might be lenient if they see your age. I also didn’t have much proof of a bone a fide marriage besides pictures for the entire month I stayed. I got my one family member and his one family member to write a sworn statement letter explaining their knowledge of our marriage and attached a photo of us with those relative just in case. Best of luck.
  4. Yea he waited in line till it was his turn to go inside. They asked to see his interview letter to make sure it’s the right date and time.
  5. No his interview was at 8am. He got in at 7:30. My total time count is off. It was more than 2 hours. Our second anniversary will be August 2020 and he will be here way before then, so we are on the same boat. Next is removing condition on GC. I’m jumping for joy. 😒 but that won’t be till 2021 so we have plenty of time.
  6. @Riadhora answered you question a couple days ago. He was there a total of 2.5 hours or so. In at 7:30am and out by 11:45am. His interview only lasted 2 minutes or so. The rest was him waiting.
  7. So for my husband they gave him the receipt and told him verbally to come back later to pick up the medical CD and report but also on the receipt itself said come back in 10 days to pick up documents and CD. She can always call the medical office and ask them herself if she is supposed to come pickup or will it be sent to the embassy by them. also you asked another question that I didn’t see. My husband took about 100-150 photos to his interview. Some where photos and some were fb posts on our fb timeline that I screenshot and he just printed it like a photo. He said they saw all the pictures at a quick glance.
  8. @Riadhora maybe. Not exactly sure. But I did find it kinda weird that IL came with a A#. But I also agree that just giving out A# with IL is kinda wasteful. But that’s my honest opinion. maybe your wife’s case was different and if the clinic said that then you should be fine. My husband went to get his medical done more than a month from his Interview. So maybe they figured he has time, he can just pick it up himself. Your wife doesn’t have much time and they probably just sent it over. I wouldn’t be surprised if your wife does get the yellow package once her visa is stamped and ready for pickup, since she won’t have the actual CD on her. and also I’ve been hearing that a lot of ppl have been getting sick from the vaccines. Hubby got sick also for 2 days. And 1 girl who’s interview is on the 29th Oct is still sick and she got her medical done last week.
  9. Technically if someone is married on the last day of the tax filing year, whether in America or abroad, the taxes should say married filing separately and using some other number (idk from where) instead of the spouses SS# since it’s not even given at the time of filing. I was so worried and didn’t want to comment till hubby got the approval. So at least for the embassy in Dhaka, they didn’t mention it nor ask questions. Some might say that’s wrong and I should have done married filing separately but I didn’t and had no problem during NVC stage nor the interview. I can’t guarantee that all embassy’s are like that. They might want to see it as proof of relationship, showing that the petitioner is filing married instead of single. Hoping for the best for you!
  10. So the A# on our IL matches the same Alien registration number on hubby US visa stamp. I don’t think it’s the green card visa number but it will be the number for the visa.
  11. 22nd October- Interview 23rd October- Changed from AP to Issued 24th October- Received email for passport pickup So took 2 days to pick up passport for hubby. 😊 Did they give him the medical report back? like the x-ray copy? After his medical was done, the clinic staff told him to come back in 10 days to pick up his medical report and the X-ray CD. During his interview the employees just ask to see it and gave it right back. When he is going to get his Yellow Package? When the beneficiary picks up passport. But for Bangladesh they are sending the yellow package (says do not open) electronically. His passport has an annotation that says “IV docs in CCD” so It’s already sent electronically and customs officer can pull it up at POE. Did they keep his original documents with them or just gave it back to him? They just asked him to have the original documents and his passport in his hand when he first entered. They just saw it and returned it back to him. Did they ask for the medical examination receipts? They just check to see if he had it and so hubby showed it to them and gave it right back to him.
  12. Just wanted to let you know that on my 2018 taxes i put single even though I recently got married. I thought it would be a problem but lots of personal friends and family said not to worry. Hubby went to his interview and they didn’t even say anything. I wouldn’t think to hard on it. If you can get it to say married filing separately then great but if not I doubt the embassy will care. They didn’t mention any of my financial documents when he went to interview. Approved right away. Best of luck.
  13. No we didn’t pay for the green card yet. The visa is already paid for when the petitioner pays the nvc fees. The green card is paid online with a document that is given when passport is picked up. So I’ll be paying that before he leaves. I think it can only be paid in US dollars. Also hubby case was in AP after his interview on Tuesday and by Wednesday it said ISSUED! So took about a day from AP to issue. Now just waiting for the email that says ready for pickup.
  14. Who is petitioning for you? What is her name? Her date of birth? Where does she work? When did you get married? Where did you guys go for your honeymoon? (Wanted to see pictures so hubby gave it to him) Did she come back to Bangladesh again? How did she come to America? What is your fathers name? What is your mothers name? Wanted to see pictures so hubby gave it to him. He went through all the pictures and kept saying wow, beautiful, nice. Asked who is this lady in one of our wedding photos. Was this an arrange marriage? Then said okay your visa is approved. Wait 2 weeks for a mail to pick up passport. You can go home now. Hubby said they only saw the original civil documents and that’s it nothing else. I also sent hubby a video made by the US embassy in Bangladesh about the interview process and he said it’s exactly like the video. So I’ll share the link so you can see it. @K-Man @rahu01
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