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  1. @Greenbaum your knowledge is amazing, there is no question you wouldn't know the answer, thank you ☺
  2. I have one question, at the embassy the lady with smile said congratulations and about receiving back my passport but didn’t get any envelope with my medical exam. I read that I’ll gonna need that on the POE, right? So what about it? Will it come with with my passport?
  3. @Greenbaum thank you so much. I was at the embassy last year when applying for my B-2 visa and it was pretty smooth ( I remember being sooo nervous). We even made jokes and laugh. I know what to expect now but still being anxious if all papers are prepared correctly.
  4. It's not quite clear. I have my divorce paper translated and copied. Should I make a duplicate ftom the vourt as well?
  5. Thank you, and what about my previous marriage do I need a certificate of that or only my divorce proof?
  6. I need help, I'm filling DS 160, I need to give application receipt/perition number and I'm confused which one is that. The first given by USCIS or the second NVC?
  7. Hi there :-) I received my package 3 on Monday, my medical appointment was on Friday where everything went smooth. Now I'm waiting for documents from my fiance and then will schedule my interview at embassy :-) Greetings to everyone 🖤
  8. Hmmmm, our case was approved April 30th, still no package 3 from Embassy, it's been a month 🤔 I'm having my medical appointment on Friday 😊
  9. Too difficult for me, if my numbers there are 620 what the date will be?
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