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  1. i personally didnt have that problem when filing. I filed single cuz my husband didn't have a SSN since its needed to file as married. I read here that i needed to apply for an EIN number for him but i didnot. i had no issues with that throughout the interview. From all my time been on VJ, I have never heard of someone who had an issue at the interview because they filed single because their spouse wasn't in the us.
  2. No, it is not an issue. I didnot change my name and my husband's petition is approved.
  3. I had to pay $220 for immigrant visa not 350 not sure where that call came from.
  4. Hello, I was in the same boat till today when i logged into CEAC and saw ISSUED. IF they have no major issue with ur case your visa will be issued soon. My husband had his interview June 12th. Just be patient dear😊
  5. 😍😍 case closed....CEAC tracker changed to ISSUED today super excited. Thank every one for your help...God richly bless you guys.
  6. i sent an email to the consulate about that and im still waiting for their response. Thanks for the follow up.
  7. I needed A -number to pay immigration fees online. I found it thank you
  8. Can you please let me know on which form i can find my husband's A number?
  9. Hello VJ fam. I have a question in regards to Visa fees for my spouse. At the NVC level, I paid the AOS fees and the IV fees. My husband went through his interview and all went well. He was told by the CO that he will get a call from them. Today he received a call from the embassy asking him to pay Visa fees. I'm confused is the IV fees not the Visa fees?
  10. Girl i came back yesterday...had to work. Thank you and i wish you the best too.
  11. Hello VJ fam. I want to start by saying a big thank you to GOD and to all who supported me during this tedious journey. I'm thankful to God who made it possible for me to end this journey with a big smile. My husband had his interview on 6/12/2019 at 8:30am in Yaounde Cameroon. I went to support him through the process. we go there at 7am and we joined 2 long lines. Around 7:20am, an officer came out and said all immigrants on one line and dv lottery on another line. We adjusted according to our type of visa. At the time of entry i was told i couldn't go with my husband but i could wait for him outside. He went in ard 7:45am and i waited for him outside. Long story short, my husband said once inside, he went through security and had to leave his bag at the front desk and just took his documents which he gave to an officer; 2 passport photo Marriage Certificate Birth certificate passport police clearance Sealed envelop from the clinic to proof that he did his medicals before interview. Album After 2hrs 30mn his number was called around 11 30am. He said the CO was friendly. My husband said he greeted him first and it started off smoothly...... The CO told him I know its your wife petitioning for you and my husband smiled and then Questions began When did we meet? When did we get married? Do you know where your wife lives? (my husband said he responded by asking him, Do you want me to give you her address? and CO laugh and said no) How and when did i come to the US? What's my profession? Where does he intend to stay? Congratulations you will receive your visa when we receive your medical results ( that was because my husband did his medicals 2days before the interview). They kept his passport and by next week he will be picking up his visa . NB: the CO only looked at our album and nothing else. He did not ask for transcripts or whatsapp conversations or anything else. Thank you to all VJ fam and Good luck to @nyokie and every one else. A little tip for those who are looking to file, please upload all documents when sending your Form I 130. Things will be smooth at the end. LOVE YOU ALL😍😘 and GOD BLESS you!!
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