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  1. they didnot send you the email?
  2. oohhh sorry...after the long wait ...did you try to call them back? stay positive dear we will get thru this....
  3. Thank you! I just received an email from NVC. I didn't call them after i confirmed with them that they had received my case... it took 5weeks and 4days to received my case number.
  4. Yes we have same days. You will get yours soon. I just paid the fees...
  5. I just received my case number. NVC receive my case 2/4/2019.
  6. hello all, When i was filing form I 130 my husband's passport was still valid but will expire in august 2019, which NVC wants a passport valid for at least 6months. Do you advice me to send the initial passport i sent to uscis nvc and my husband will take the new passport to the interview?
  7. Esther Jeru

    Is Form I30A needed

    my husband didn't have to sign.
  8. Esther Jeru

    Is Form I30A needed

    i signed mine as the preparer
  9. Esther Jeru

    Is Form I30A needed

    you can fill it for your spouse. I filed it out for my spouse
  10. congratulations dear, welcome to the next step of another 2 - 3 months to receive a case number from NVC.
  11. after i responded to my rfe, it took 28 days to receive an approval.
  12. Always advisable to give them what they ask for and all the additional evidence that you have, your spouse can take it to the interview.
  13. Thank you. I would not need a sponsor.