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  1. I am the petitioner and filled my wife's I-130A. I put my signature as a preparer but left the beneficiarie's signature space blank since she lives outside the U.S. Is that wrong? Thank you.
  2. Greetings. I am a new user here on visa journey. My wife and I are preparing to file a spouse visa. We got married a month ago while I was in Ethiopia and I am now in the USA. We would like to know that if me(the petitioner) being living with my mother could hurt our process while waiting for our visa gets approved? We were denied the k1 Visa before and the CO asked my "fiancee" whom I live with at the time of the process. Ofcourse, I make more money than my mother and won't need any cosponsors but my wife and I are just very concerned about if I have to rent my own apartment or not before filing the application. I am a full time college student and work part time and made > $25,000 last year. Is it a MUST to rent my own apartment and live by myself before I file a spouse visa? Thank you for all your support.