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  1. Yep, fiancé just sent me a screenshot of the e-mail. 🎊
  2. We are also in transit! πŸ˜ƒ We didn't receive e-mails or text messages though, oh well.
  3. Just called the NVC about 5 minutes ago and it took less than 10 minutes to get through to a representative named Jim. We got our case number! I also asked for the invoice number (per the PDF) but forgot to ask when the case was received... Too excited! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! πŸ₯°
  4. @Gummybear You've got this! You have the power! Tomorrow will be even better!
  5. Thank you for all your help, @Greenbaum. In the "Travel" section of the DS-160 where it asks to list visits to the US, what is your recommendation as to how far back we should start to list trips? I input everything from 2017 up until now; would that suffice or should I go as far as the I-94 allows me to?
  6. I'm starting to work on the DS-160 and I've run into a bit of confusion in regards to dual nationalities and passports: I've been a dual citizen of Canada and Taiwan; my Taiwanese passport expired back in 2009 and I never renewed it as I don't visit often. Do I input the passport number of the expired passport? Thanks in advance!
  7. NOA2 received 2020/01/31 and took a break from cruising the forums to celebrate. @Greenbaum May I have the P3 for Canada please?
  8. Just got our NOA2 after submitting our RFE back to USCIS last week. Here's to swift approvals for all that are still waiting! πŸ₯°
  9. RFE response received by USCIS on Friday, January 24, 2020! 😊
  10. R received the RFE in the mail! We forgot to check a box if we used an IMB... We met through mutual friends so we did not go through an IMB. πŸ˜… Quick question, do we send back just this sheet or with the first sheet that provided the deadline as well? R is making a copy right now before mailing it back tomorrow!
  11. Thank you for your input. We are not feeling discouraged at all. 😊 R is attentive to details and he is an inquisitive person. We just want to be prepared as best as we can for what happens next. Per my post this morning, this is just a small bump on the road towards forever. Looking forward to the next steps.
  12. @Milmauka Thank you for your interest, Milmauka! RL filled out the form exactly like the example. We're unsure of the exact reason for the RFE, but we're expecting to see it in the mail soon, and I will post it here once that happens. 😊 @EllaC We're unsure, but RL took a look at our identical packet last night and he thinks that might be the reason. We didn't use N/A in blank spots at all, so most of the forms were left blank. I can understand how an adjudicator would deem it as an incomplete form. I'll be sure to post the RFE with sensitive details blocked off once it's been received. 😊 @Gummybear Here are the list of contents as written on our cover letter: Letters of Intent were signed with wet signatures. We both took our passport photos at a shop about 10 minutes from him in the US. We submitted flight itineraries and hotel bookings for flights that we've taken to visit each other, as well as a handful of trips we've taken together to Asia, all with corresponding photos from said trips with location and dates written on the back in black ink. RL and I will take a closer look at our identical packet tonight to determine the reasons for our RFE before we receive it, as I had gone through the RFE Master List from a VJ member last night. Just a small bump on the road towards forever. 😊 @Greenbaum Thanks for the helpful resources, Greenbaum! I took a dive into the forums and read through all the replies under the RFE 2019 thread last night. You emphasized a lot on just providing what the RFE requests as to not fall into a black hole, and I'm taking that advice to heart. πŸ˜„ RL & I appreciate all the support and advice, and we wish for a prompt reply for everybody! ❀️
  13. Received notice for RFE just now. Waiting for the letter to see what the next step is... I had a feeling as we left spaces blank instead of writing n/a. Oh well, there's a first time for everything, right? 😊 Edit: Does anybody happen to know what the average processing time between RFE and NOA2 would be?
  14. I decided to check the case status of the cases a few numbers before ours: Case number ending in 8 digits before ours got approved yesterday! Fingers crossed that next week is our week. πŸ˜‰
  15. NOA1: October 2, 2019 Today marks 100 days of waiting. We're almost there!
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