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  1. Thank you for your insight! Taking into consideration of what everybody has said so far, and all that we have experienced – we’ve decided to respond to the RFE and withdraw AOS. We will apply for CR-1 when we decide to establish residency in the US in the future. We submitted an outland spousal PR application for Canada. Regardless of whether or not he gets accepted for his program, both of us are now certain that we want to live in Canada for at least 2 years before choosing where to settle down. Once again, thank you all for taking your valuable time to read and reply to my post!
  2. Thank you for your informative answer! I will do just that. I sure hope so. We celebrated 3000 days together a few days ago. This sounds amazing. I've heard nothing but negative things about removing conditions. Thanks for the insight!
  3. Hello! I had looked through the forums but couldn't find anybody in a similar situation that had posted, here we go: I entered the US last April on a K-1 visa, we got married in May and then applied for AOS in June. We lived with his parents and his estranged brother whom threatened to kill me in October. He had driven home drunk around 3am, and proceeded to shout profanities outside of our room door. I filed a police report and our statements were taken. Husband and I started looking to relocate, but constant discussions with his parents made us both feel trapped, and we came to the conclusion that changes in our lives needed to be made. His brother is an ex-con and he was also under probation for a DUI, so his parents insisted that I don't get the police involved, as they are a fairly conservative Asian family. I was told to just forgive and forget, as we are all family. He proceeded to harass us a couple more times in October and November, then one more time in December before my husband decided to stand his ground against his family in order to protect me. However, his brother ended up going to jail in January. Husband and I were not informed of the exact reason, but felt that we were safe enough to continue living with his parents. I received my AP/EAD while we were on our belated honeymoon and celebrating our anniversary at Disneyland in the middle of January. We planned a trip ASAP to visit my family and my dog in Vancouver, BC for the end of February, only to learn that his brother was being released from jail to return to his family home some time in March. Husband then decided that it was best for me to stay with my family until things cooled down. Our interview got scheduled for March 16 so I flew back to the US with my AP, and we attended our interview together. We had provided relevant documents proving that we had shared expenses + health insurance, joint bank account and other evidence. We both regret not mentioning the incident with his brother, and not providing the police report. While we did not receive an answer after the interview concluded, our officer informed us that it could take 120 days to hear back as USCIS is handling a lot of cases at this time. We didn't think much of it, and proceeded to enjoy our time together before I flew back to Canada on March 20. We received at RFE last week stating the following: Records indicate you traveled outside the United States on or after March 20, 2022. Please submit the following: - Upon return, submit copies of these documents you used to last enter the United States, copies of passport pages that have U.S. visas, Form I-512, Authorization for Advance Parole, and Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Document Now we are contemplating withdrawing the application as it sounds like I need to return and remain in the United States until the I-485 is approved, which would not be an issue if my husband and I were ready to move somewhere outside of California, far away from his family. On top of this, he has decided to pursue a Mechanical Engineering program here in Canada for September 2023. We are curious with regards to the following: How do we withdraw our application? (and not make it seem fraudulent, as both of us still love each other and are committed to spending the rest of our lives together) Will it affect a future CR-1 application when we decide to move back to the United States? How do I surrender my AP/EAD when we withdraw our application? ANY AND ALL ADVICE IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. 🙏 I sincerely thank you for your time to finish reading my post! tl;dr Estranged BIL threatened my life and in-laws didn't do anything about it aside from telling me to forgive and forget Husband and I believe that I am in danger Decided to stay with my family back in Canada until things cooled down Flew back for interview and got RFE (in bold) Husband decides that he needs time away from his family and to pursue further education in Canada We want to withdraw our I-485 after the interview and after RFE but wondering what the consequences are
  4. Interview Scheduled 2022/02/15 Interview Date 2022/03/16 Filed 2021/06/21 FO was San Francisco per the live agent I spoke with yesterday after contacting them about my case being ready to be scheduled for an interview. Live agent today told me it was for San Jose FO instead. 🙂
  5. Got approved for EAD/AP combo card! Filed: June 21, 2021
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