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  1. Check your USCIS case status. My wife and I interviewed a month ago.. Had Green Card in hand a week later.
  2. The only advantage in using a service is the help that can be had on the beneficiary side. It doesn't say what country your fiance lives in. Also, I'm not sure what Rapid Visa provides in the beneficiary country. In my case I completed all of the paperwork with the help from the guides on Visa Journey. My wife used a service in Thailand for assistance filling out the paperwork in Thailand. She doesn't have a computer/laptop, so we paid a little over $100 to have one of the services in Thailand to assist with getting her packet three and four completed. Same deal though, she had to do the legwork to get all of the necessary documents in order. They dd walk her through the process, telling her exactly what was needed and recommended several places that are approved for translations services, and etc. The guides here are excellent. We had our Green Card interview last week and no hiccups along the way. Green Card will hopefully arrive next week.. The interviewing officer said 1-3 weeks, I'm hoping for the best case though.
  3. I would be remiss if I didn't thank the community for all of the assistance in going through this process, The guides are absolutely fantastic. I rarely had any procedural questions, but when I did, they were always answered quickly and accurately. If I was more knowledgeable, I would certainly provide more insight. I will defer most of those others with more knowledge than I possess. Thanks again everyone for the support over the last few years. I'll be more active in 1.75 years when we apply for the 10 year GC
  4. I assumed that it wasn't something to be concerned about, as it was filled out before we interviewed. He handed it to us at the end of the interview.
  5. Interview for Green Card this morning. We were asked the standard questions: How did you meet? How long before you decided to marry How many times were you married Any children, biological or step children, & etc Officer told us if approved Green Card should arrive in 1-3 weeks. He didn't think that we'd get an RFE Received the form below, and assume that it is standard operating proceedure?
  6. While I filed for a K1, I did it all with help from the good folks here. To be honest, if you take your time and thoroughly read through the guides and/or use the search on here, you probably won't have many questions. There will be others that had/have the same questions as you. Just do a search on your question, chances are you will find several threads related to the question you have. We did use a service in Thailand for assistance as my wife doesn't have a PC or laptop. We paid around $100 to have them fill out the paperwork for my then fiance and submit it for us. The woman there that my wife was working with commented that everything I sent to them from here was well prepared. I set up a Google drive for file sharing, and etc.
  7. The zip code plus four is only useful to the USPS. ZIP+4 Codes are the last 4 digits of a nine-digit ZIP Code. A complete, nine-digit ZIP Code consists of two parts. The first five digits indicate the destination post office or delivery area. The last 4 digits represents a specific delivery route within that overall delivery area.
  8. When my wife arrived to LAX, they asked her my name, where I lived and if she knew how long we had to marry.
  9. We filed for my wife's AOS at the end of August. Paperwork was received on 4 September with NOA's shortly after. Combo card was received on 14 March.
  10. OP said 28 Feb, not 28 Mar. Contact the Embassy on Monday. Have you checked the status on CEAC site? It could be in Administrative Processing.
  11. That's what I was thinking, too. Surely there are travel agencies in Cebu. I suppose they might not all be easily accessible for everyone. If it's anything like Thailand, they're plentiful in the tourist areas. In Phuket, I could walk 500 meters and find many travel agency shops. Another option might be to take the money you send through Western Union and possibly get a credit card that you pre pay the money to. She could then buy online at Kayak,Orbitz, Expedia, and etc. Not sure if those prepay cards would be available from the banks in the PI.
  12. My then fiance landed at LAX at around 8PM July 2018. Flight to MSP departed at 11:50 PM. So she had nearly 4 hours to make her connecting flight. Customs/Immigration got slammed and she missed her connection by about 15 minutes. The time spent with the CBP agent went quickly once she got thru the lines. Not fun getting a call at 0200 with a frazzled Thai lady. I had to scramble to book another flight to get her here. Generally speaking 3 hours should be plenty of time. One never knows...
  13. K1 interview will be at an Embassy or Consulate. For the short term, you're done with USCIS, until you file for AOS.
  14. Checked the status and saw this: I had emailed both of my Senators and both were going to submit an inquiry on our case. Emailed them today that it wouldn't be necessary. This is from the EAD case status. AP still says Case received. Is it safe to assume the Combo Card is being produced?
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