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  1. Hello, any news? 

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    2. Rosy&Mohammed


      He's from Morocco but he lived in Spain . K1 fiance visa 

    3. Nabiljudy


      Can't you use WhatsApp? 

      Any issues about that 

    4. Nabiljudy


      They will make further inquiries about him and be sure he will get ds 5535 form for administrative processing. You should be patient. 

      If they are convinced yr relationship is genuine with great proofs and yr relationship has taken at least two years or y had been met more than one time they will give him back his paperworks and thence y are obliged to get married and apply for spousal visa. 

      Consulate in casablanca is very harsh in fiance visas in particular. 

      They will ask why was he living in spain, how did he go, why and how did he fund his living there?  

      I don't know about you. Y don't like to share, i just want to help. 

      Anyway all the best. 

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