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  1. Hello, 

    I was interviewed in the 12/7 /2018 everything went well. At the end the consular gave me back the passport, but kept all my paperworks and said we need to make further inquiries about you and you will get our final decision in couple of days /a week. Up to now, yet, no news. 

  2. Hello, any news? 

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    2. Rosy&Mohammed


      He's from Morocco but he lived in Spain . K1 fiance visa 

    3. Nabiljudy


      Can't you use WhatsApp? 

      Any issues about that 

    4. Nabiljudy


      They will make further inquiries about him and be sure he will get ds 5535 form for administrative processing. You should be patient. 

      If they are convinced yr relationship is genuine with great proofs and yr relationship has taken at least two years or y had been met more than one time they will give him back his paperworks and thence y are obliged to get married and apply for spousal visa. 

      Consulate in casablanca is very harsh in fiance visas in particular. 

      They will ask why was he living in spain, how did he go, why and how did he fund his living there?  

      I don't know about you. Y don't like to share, i just want to help. 

      Anyway all the best. 

  3. Thank you for your assistance guys. Well i did attend the interview the 7th of December. The consular gave back my passport and said we need to make further inquiries about y and in couple of days (a week) you will get our final decision. The 10th of December at 9:00 am i got an email from embassy (administration process email address) saying please fill in out the ds 5535 and send it back to us. The the 11th of December the form ds 5535 was there in usa embassy. It has been 5 business days since they got the ds 5535 and i am waiting for their final decision. The refusal document the consular gave me 221g. He highlighted the section ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW.
  4. All the best from all my heart Simo. By the way, how much does it cost for the medical checkings and embassy fees? Which doctor is the best?
  5. I did email them and even my usa fiance did yesterday. Too much waiting. Hey, tell me about your case, did you attend the interview?
  6. The Nvc letter i got says : we forwarded yr petition approval to usa embassy in casablanca Morocco, and they will contact y. Three months and four days still no contact from usa embassy in casablanca. Uscis notice of approval did expire four days ago. Affidavit of support my usa fiance sent me will expire by the 30th of November, this month. I still waiting.
  7. Oh yes, i did email them that my USCIS notice of approval was to expire in the 1_nove_2018,and it is now! But still no response from them.
  8. Hi, I did the embassy in casablanca Morocco 20 days ago, but no response, except an automatic email saying.. Too much cases to go through... I did ask my fiance in USA yesterday to email the embassy too.
  9. Hello everybody, My petition about fiance visa was sent by NVC 24_jul_2018 to embassy in casablanca Morocco. I still get no packet of instructions!!??
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