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  1. Hey! I just want to let you guys know that we went to see the lawyer eventually to bring our documents and paperwork from him so the update is he sent it through FedEx to Chicago and sent the form G1145 with it too everything on 24th July and not 18th July like we thought. We still calling the USCIS and we still don’t know anything they said there is nothing.
  2. You can’t know with this lawyer what he did we are in limbo I don’t know which kind of lawyers he’s no details no emails no phone not professional at all I went to pass my test for driving test everything went good but they need the form I 797c they said the ssn and marriage license isn’t enough so I’m stuck here and my husband wants me to start driving to help him. The USCIS don’t help a lot on the phone we gave them all the information all they say they don’t have any thing in the system.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion I appreciate it it’s been a long struggle with this lawyer he already made mistakes before I got k1 visa and my husband paid him for taking of everything from A to Z but he was always like that he doesn’t answer the phone or email and he takes forever to do stuff and he made delays for our case I don’t know why he has a good reviews on google. My husband will take him to the court to get his money back and I’ll show him the link you gave me now.
  4. We don’t know yet but thanks guys you told me about it we can see if they cash it that’s another way to know if they accept it.
  5. I will let my husband know about that too I’m not sure what I will write in the email for information we don’t have any tracking number or what’s the date the lawyer sent it. We will go see another lawyer this week to do it again then we know this time is there and my husband said he’ll take the lawyer to the court because he got thousands of money and he didn’t even want to track it or stay on the top of it.
  6. Yeah when we went to his office to file it we did it ourselves on his laptop and he didn’t do anything all he said to ask if we need to know about any questions. Then we gave him all the documents and paperwork the check for the USCIS then now when it takes forever to know he doesn’t want to answer us.
  7. We were waiting for the lawyer to give us the trucking number and unfortunately he didn’t and he don’t want to answer the emails when we asked them.
  8. We called them many times and they don’t have any new alien number for me and they don’t have anything yet. We just made an inquiry with them on the phone today we should wait another 30 days its just wast of the time. The crazy thing we didn’t know what the lawyer did and it’s been two months he didn’t want to answer the emails or the phone.
  9. Hey! We applied for GC in 18th July after we get married in Michigan till now we didn’t receive any letter from USCIS saying they received it and our lawyer don’t wanna answer the phone to see if he really sent it to lockbox. I’m wondering if that’s normal taking all this time waiting for it.
  10. I would tell everybody that we got approved last Friday and I'll get my visa this week. Thanks everybody and I hope the best for the other.
  11. Hey! The petitioner changed his name after the i-129 approved with his old name it would be a problem at the consulate if they didn't know that? Or it's all about his social security number is still the same.
  12. We are going through another solution and we are seeing some progress. We will eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Thanks everybody for helping.
  13. Thanks so much for everybody's explanation. It's not my idea but it's my fiance's idea he wants to ask a lawyer if they can do the writ of mandamus. We have been 3 months in AP we already waited almost 13 months to get approved from the USCIS and we never used any Congressman or Senator during the waiting for the i-129. My fiance contacted his Congressman 3 weeks ago we didn't hear anything yet from them we only see two updates last week after almost 3 months with no update. My passport still with them they didn't ask for any documents or.
  14. Hey everybody! Someone here can tell me what's the writ of mandamus and what's for? My fiance wants to hire a lawyer for that after waiting 20 months since we are applied until now. Thanks
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